With the dradio recorder download comes a recorder for Web radio stations from the creators of Germany radio to the PC. The freeware is based on the phonostar player and provides links to more than 8,000 online radio stations worldwide. For radio lovers the freeware comes with a Favorites feature. The intelligent recording function and access to the podcast archive of the Germany radio complete the web radio recorder.

dradio recorder download available for the recording of radio broadcasts

The free dradio recorder shows the main links to the current program information from Germany Funk, Germany Kultur and DRadio knowledge. To record audio streams, users must first upgrade licensing reasons the LAME via separate download. The built in recorder dradio search function provides access to the online program of more than 8,000 radio stations from around the world. The selection ranges from SWR3, FFN, TechnoBase.FM, Alpenradio - folk music to international channels by countries such as Spain, France, USA, Australia and Brazil. In addition, stations using criteria such as genre or language to filter.

dradio recorder download

Top 100 list of the most popular stations

After dradio recorder download and install the freeware starts with opened Germany Radio menu. By clicking on one of the entries you turn on the current radio program and heard after a short loading time the live stream. The transmitter menu is a list of the most requested radio station (Top 100) and a search function.

Record Radio broadcasts a simple mouse click

Quite informative, the program pages of the dradio recorder with a preview of upcoming programs and the ability to schedule recordings fairly straightforward one mouse click. The recorder contains the program data other stations, including all the radio stations of the public service broadcasting, the Austrian and Swiss radio and private radio stations and web radios. Other favorite stations can be any time in the menu to add stations / favorites manually.

create their own wish lists with the dradio recorder

The EPG can be adapted to your own listening habits. For example, place a radio play friends transmitter across wishlist for at radio plays. For this, the user selects selected in the field genre simply the entry of radio plays. The dradio recorder download offers some useful recording functions. We could define regular Records of a program, influence by additional click on Settings lead and lag time of the recorder and also determine if the recorder is to shut down the computer after completing a recording. The recordings can be made or scheduled based on the program schedule Using selectable start and end times. More web radios are available in our software offering for free download.

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