Blogging has lost its appeal? We show how the entire Delete Tumblr account and will remove all posts from the network or can get rid of only a secondary blog. get started right away!

While users are in the US, India and UK evident in real blogger mood, the rush keeps this country in check. In addition to Facebook, there are other networks really not easy. Each user receives on Tumblr a blog can make it at will, and there also very comfortable raushauen Posts - either via the online platform or via the Tumblr app download.

Delete Tumblr accountdelete or Tumblr account only remove a secondary blog - we show you how! (Image: Screenshot Share / Editorial)

The entire Tumblr account Delete: How to

Anyone who has completely lost the pleasure of blogging or Tumblr wants to turn his back for other reasons can do so without much effort. Before you start with the deletion, you should be aware of the impact that has:

  • (1) If the account is deleted so that all disappear blogs that run under the account. That is, all posts and data will be deleted and disappear from the Internet.
  • (2) The user is removed from all groups in which he was active.
  • (3) The account can not retrieve it. The deletion is final.

How to Clear the accounts

Who wants exactly that and still wants to quench his Tumblr account, now does the following:

Delete Tumblr account loginFirst, you must register on Tumblr. (Image: Screenshot Share / Editorial)

  • First, the user opens this page of Tumblr. There you log in with their email address and password.
  • After the user clicks on the gear in the upper right corner. The user will be so to the settings of their own accounts.
  • Has the user scrolls to the bottom of the screen, he finds there delete button account. confirmed the operation must again by clicking Yes, my account and blog to delete.
  • So that no other can simply delete your own Tumblr account, the user must enter all relevant data now: blog URL, password and username.
  • Finally, we again confirmed the process before all the data is deleted.

Delete only a secondary blog on Tumblr

Many recorded on Tumblr not just a blog, but several. Tumblr allows its users also remove only individual blogs. So you can get rid of your blog and still keep his account.

NOTE: There is one condition which must be met: A secondary blog may only be deleted if it is the sole administrator. Should there be other administrators can perform the operation though, the blog remains intact. The only thing that is deleted is the link to your own account.

Deleting works similar to the account. So you go after you have logged into Tumblr, first to the settings. The blogs that you own will be shown in the margin. The blog, which is to be deleted is selected. Now you scroll to the end of the page where the button appears Delete blog.