Of the tax download ensures proper form and comprehensive tax return without gaps. Here, the digital control consultant conducts an interview with the taxpayer, thus ensuring the complete as possible collection of relevant data.

Download tax as a helper for your own tax return

Whether employed or self-employed, whether shareholders or pensioners - tax takes care of all taxpayers. The control software provides all the necessary forms along with necessary facilities with and also provides the ability to import the data from last year's tax, ELSTER forms or tax professionals WISO series. Thus, a comparison with the data of previous years is quick and provides information on improvements and action. Too much of the red tape? Who can do without additional forms and extensive explanations, which is also the simplified tax return with a few clicks.

So the annoying control is quick and done by specifying a few key figures. The final declaration transmit user either classically by printing the forms or electronically and free of postage via ELSTER. In addition to the pure transmission of the forms we have here the way the additional option to Leave comments. Upon completion of the processing by the Treasury also the digital collection and archiving of tax assessment is possible directly in the program.

tax download

tax makes the tax return to formality, giving the user through the interview technique feel good advice. This "Red thread" through the tax jungle explains the most common ways to save. Additional advantage: The software comes from the same home as the WISO tax savings account, but no additional goodies such as extensive video tutorials.

Limitations of tax

Required Password: TTX2015 (tax 2015), TTX2014 (tax 2014), TTX2013 (tax 2013), TTX2012 (tax 2012), TTX2011 (tax 2011)No time limit printing of tax forms, Elster and some program areas are disabled.