With the YouNow app can own live send videos, discover video channels and chat with other users.

Live stream from anywhere with the app YouNow

If you are traveling and do something exciting, like the experience shares immediately. Instead of being limited to only one photo or a tweet, you can, thanks to the Android application to send a video. The movies does not have to be recorded and uploaded, but goes on YouNow by video streaming live immediately.

YouNow app

Here you can see how many users mitschauen straight and liken. For each video a real-time chat is opened, can communicate over the spectators and broadcasters. For the opening of its own video channel, a registration is required, but the watch and participate in the chat are also possible without registration.

To keep cyberbullying and inappropriate comments in check, the chats are moderated, but a comprehensive control is not possible with the mass of videos. in Germany alone, over 15 million live video are sent monthly. Thus one not lose track of your channel and each program are provided with a hashtag. Also, you can be fans of different users and is then informed of any new consignment.

If you missed a stream, the latest video can again call, but also for a registration is necessary.

This should be considered when using YouNow

The real-time nature of the platform enticed to consider the live stream as volatile conversation. While it is true that no older videos are accessible, but also applies to YouNow films: "The Internet is forever".

YouNow app hashtag

Users should be aware that viewers have recourse to a wide range of video software available with which recordings can be created from live broadcasts. The user should be aware that illegal actions and intimate confessions may well be recorded in each stream.

Responsible use of the Video Software

The platform and YouNow app allow users any time to the live stream. Also, the live chat leads to exciting conversations with other users. But who wants to share current events live to the Internet, should observe some precautions.

YouNow App Chat

So no details should be revealed that allow for complete identification of the person or place of residence. These include the last name, the address or the school, which is attended. The identities of friends and family should be divulged not generous.

Some users underestimate the reach of their videos and keep safely phones with recognizable numbers in the camera, with unpleasant consequences for the owner.