Of the Photo Zoom Download enlarges images without loss based on the patented S-Spline algorithm. but the shareware is not only suitable for scaling images in all common formats, but also brings some basic tools for image editing with.

PhotoZoom Download with strengths in image magnification

So photos can be, for example, rotate, flip or blurred mask and thereby provide sharper. PhotoZoom offers a range of preferences that can be however adjusted by photographer freely to his needs. Its strengths PhotoZoom but made in image magnification. The zoom enlarges not only the pixel dimensions of the graphics, but increased by interpolating the resolution and thus makes such as photos from the Internet ready for printing.

To this end, the image processor not only the internal S-spline method, but also bicubic, bilinear and other algorithms to choose from. The download area is found with PhotoZoom Classic is a version for home users. This is, for example, without the support of the CMYK color space on your home computer.

Photo Zoom Download

Limitations PhotoZoom

In the trial, the images are provided with a watermark.