Of the iPhone 7 Manual Download showing in detail all the features of the new smartphone from Apple. With the official Apple iPhone 7 Manual learn proud owner of the precious smartphones as they can still tease out some interesting features from their iPhone. The 7 user iPhone is optionally available in a browser version and as iBook.

Apple iPhone 7 manual download for newcomers and experienced users

The iPhone 7 guide provides an excellent opportunity to discover some detail function and use the iPhone Apps correctly and be able to exploit. The iPhone 7 manual is useful not only for newcomers here who want to become familiar with the basics of the instrument, but is also aimed at experienced users who are still so get some helpful tips and information.

iPhone 7 Manual DownloadThe iPhone 7 Manual download is available as a browser version or iBook.

iPhone User Guide for IOS devices 10

The 7 User's iPhone is for all iPhones of interest based on iOS 10th The German-speaking iPhone 7 Guidebook of information, including the details of the new features of the iPhone operating system iOS, the intelligent voice assistant Siri to optimum the device personalization.

iPhone 7 Manual available as an iBook and Web version

There are the iPhone 7 manual download two different guide to familiarize yourself with iOS 10 trusts and to deal in detail. In addition to the IOS 10 Manual as a browser version, there is the iPhone manual as iBook.

iPhone 7 Manual Download iBookThe iPhone 7 Manual in the iBook version.

Configuration and first steps

The Apple iPhone 7 Operating begins with chapters welcome and configuration and the first steps and provides a brief overview of the iPhone 7 ways including gestures, 3D Touch, Apple ID and configure the iPhone. Continue with the chapter's new in iOS 10 and the basics such as using apps lock screen, messages, Control, Search and Siri. Other topics include entering and editing text, text recognition and dictation, adding or changing of keyboards and using an Apple Wireless Keyboard here.

Personalize the iPhone and all the apps in detail

In Chapter personalize your iPhone 7 Guidebook turns the iPhone much among other things, arranging and removing apps, changing the background image, adjusting brightness and color balance of the screen display zoom, app extensions, setting limits and special input methods. This section describes the iPhone apps are explained in detail, by telephone, visual voice mail, contacts, Safari, news and music to email, calendar, photos, camera, card, clock, weather, news, videos, iTunes Store, Health, FaceTime and iCloud Drive.

iPhone 7 Manual Download AppsInformation, tips and tricks for using FaceTime

Sharing and file sharing

Other chapters in the iPhone 7 manual, the release and sharing of files devote. The following are explanations of other techniques and devices that can be used with the iPhone 7 as AirPrint, AirPlay, Apple Watch or carplay. The 7 User iPhone concludes with the issues "Privacy and Security". "Restart, update, reset and restore". "Accessibility" as "Safety, handling and support",