Olympic 2016 schedule

Olympic 2016 schedule

Of the Olympics 2016 Schedule Download shows as a free planner in PDF format all the competitions of the Olympic Games in Rio at a glance. A total of 306 decisions for gold, silver and bronze will be played at the Summer Olympics 2016th

Olympics 2016 Schedule Download: Good overview of all sports and decisions

The Games of the XXXI. Olympics will take place from fifth place until August 21, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and thus for the first time in South America, after Brazil prevailed against Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago. The 2016 Olympic Games schedule gives a good overview of when and where the individual sports and decisions in the sports facilities in Rio’s Maracana four zones, Barra, Deodoro and Copacabana are held. For the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Games athletes and spectators will come to the famous Maracana stadium. For athletics competitions the Olympic Stadium Nilton Santos is provided.

Olympics 2016 Schedule DownloadOlympics 2016 Schedule Download: Summer Olympic Games in Rio from 5 to 21 August 2016. Source: rio2016.com

Olympic 2016 schedule with rugby and golf as new Olympic sports

There will be at the Olympics in 2016 a new record of 206 nations, as the two national Olympic committees were officially recognized by Kosovo and the southern Sudan by the IOC. Rugby and golf also two new sports were added to the Olympic program, in which the athletes will compete in sports competitions. When that athletes go in their disciplines at the start, the official Olympic Games shows 2016 schedule.

All sports, sports venues and the respective zone Rios are noted in it. For every sport, the user can look at the individual days will be played on which days competitions. A point in each day symbolizes that this is the case. For example, the athletics competitions at the Olympic Stadium 2016 schedule Nilton Santos of 12 held to 20 August 2016, according to Olympia.

Olympics 2016 Schedule Download RioThe official Olympic 2016 schedule

Clearer Olympic Games 2016 schedule with qualifications and decisions

A successful translation and extension for the official Olympics 2016 Schedule place sport friends for free TZ and Münchner Merkur. Here, a further distinction between qualifying competitions and final decisions.

The 2016 Olympic Games schedule download includes all 28 Olympic sports: badminton, basketball, archery, boxing, fencing, football, weight lifting, golf, handball, hockey, judo, canoeing, athletics, modern pentathlon, cycling, horse riding, wrestling, rowing, rugby, shooting, swimming, sailing, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, triathlon, gymnastics and volleyball.

Olympic 2016 schedule download TZGerman-Olympic schedule from TZ and Münchner Merkur with all 28 Olympic sports.

In 306 decisions Olympic medal is awarded

The small rings in the Olympic Games 2016 schedule are available for the qualifications and medals icons representing the 306 decisions in which Olympic medals will be awarded. It will be interesting whether the German medal hopes will surpass its result of 44 medals at the London Olympics four years ago. The best medal chances, the German athletes well in the disciplines of horseback riding, hockey, shooting, fencing, triathlon, rowing, canoeing, handball and athletics.

Olympic 2016 football schedule with the kick-off times of all matches

In football, the women’s team is among the favorites and also the U23 men’s certainly prospect of a medal. The Olympic 2016 football schedule shows the second page of the PDF file contains all information about the games and kick-off times and the grouping of football at the Olympics 2016. The German team are in Fiji, Korea and Mexico (men) and Canada, Australia and Zimbabwe ( Meet women.

Olympic Quiz: Are you a real Olympic expert?

Olympic Quiz: Are you a real Olympic expert?

In our Olympic quiz you check your knowledge about the Olympics. Are you an Olympic expert? Get in the test gold, silver or bronze!