TuneIn Radio provides access via the Internet to approximately 100,000 radio stations and more than four million streams. The free web service has local, national and international radio stations on board.

Thousands of radio stations from around the world available

The streaming provider offers more than 100,000 radio stations - that is, non-stop music from around the world for virtually every taste. Who would still stick to his favorite radio station or his favorite band, finds this easiest by searching. Experimental music fans who like to drift away or want to try new things, are the TuneIn Radio Download But at least as good hands. but with whom the love of music goes beyond the pure inspiration that can browse in the audio software for the right tool to produce your own music to mix tracks, or spice up with exciting sound effects.

TuneIn radio

Music or talk show - everyone gets their money

"Discover" - as the huge TV channels shows - a top priority for free streaming service. Decision support offer the categories into which the transmitters can be filtered. You can choose from music, sports, news, local, talk shows and places. In each category there is a further subdivision to refine the search. In the category of music genres and topics can be filtered by the free download of TuneIn Radio for decades. Music lovers and avant-garde come in any case their money, because the choices range from film music, love songs or religious, to New Age and world music. Podcasts such as talc - and information broadcasts are just as easy to find because of the arrangement according to category. For sports fans, the Internet radio offers a good overview of sports channels, according to the individual sports.

TuneIn Radio Sport channels

The pre-selection of radio stations is also determined by its own position, as TuneIn Radio pulls the data from the Internet connection. Thus, known local stations are quickly accessible. Useful radio filters that can be adjusted to the system requirements, location and time of day are.

Internet radio with chic design

Since the early days a lot has in the streaming provider done: not only the TV channels has grown enormously, and visually the web service has refilled. The site is due to reduced representation extremely clear, modern and attractive, therefore, without sacrificing needed content. Thus, inter alia, All channels are displayed with detailed information such as rating, slogan, logo and network.

TuneIn Radio download free and without registration

Just listening to the radio - exactly, this Internet radio, because registration is not required to find radio stations and listen to them. In addition, the streams can share on all major social media portals.

TuneIn Radio Application

Those who wish to sign up yet, can register by e-mail or through its Facebook or Google+ profile. Working with a created account other features such as the personalization of settings and memories can be retrieved from favorites.

As a mobile app

TuneIn Radio offers the Web-Radio also versions for smartphones (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry) and tablets. In addition, the provider allows the free download for TV and other devices such as Roku or Sonos.

Aggressive Internet Radio has established itself

One can find a number of other programs in support of internet radio &# 45; but can TuneIn easily keep up with the competition. The user base of 50 million speaks for itself. Owe has the web service its large selection of channels and pleasant to use. If you like it simple and straightforward, so it is the right place. However, special features are accessible only after the registration.

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