the free OpenAL download Developer supplied with an open source interface for 3D audio. With the free 3D sound API developers get a free components download cross-platform control of surround sound to multiple audio channels in games and other audio applications. Gamers and audio pros, however, require the interface to make on OpenAL based games and audio apps run.

OpenAL download for 3D sound effects with Hardware Acceleration

To 3D audio in games and other applications to integrate, one does not speak directly to the functions of the sound card. For this, the Application Programming Interface, finished functions are available through a so-called API, ready. Which can be relatively simple in the code of your own application or game to integrate and control turn to the much more complicated calls to the hardware. OpenAL thing applies not only software-based, but also accesses directly to the functions of the audio chip with appropriate audio hardware and thus relieved the processor. Integrated components of Creative EAX / EFX who bring more sound effects and automation to real representation of ambient noise in addition. To the Functions OpenAL 3D sound API include:

  • Distance attenuation: Automatic height damping remote signals, so the lowering of the high frequencies,
  • Doppler Shift: Change of signals if movements during audio events take place
  • Directional sound emitter: Automatic distribution of audio signals on audio satellite
  • Occlusion: Automatically adjusts the sound of audio signals if to sound-absorbing barriers between source and receiver are
  • Environmental Reverb: Advances sound by adding a reverb in the background
  • Environmental FX: EFX chorus, flanger, distortion, EQ, compressor, etc.
  • Audio CaptureVirtual interface for recording audio

New version of free 3D Sound API Creative

After the download page at Creative Labs, the original provider of freeware 3D Sound API, was no longer available, there was a long silence to newer versions. Since the interface has been variously used in many games and applications, many professional developers are naturally concerned in accordance with it. A resourceful Coder team has now published a new version of a Creative Audio Driver extracted, so that after a long time, finally, the coveted new version of OpenAL for download ready. The new version is in the usual form as API installer available. The installer of OpenAL sets up the runtime libraries of programming for 3D sound in Windows. Do this, the setup provides the functions created with the C programming language, the audio API on openal32.dll which is found as usual in the corresponding Windows folders system32 and SysWOW64. So the free interface runs on systems running Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. Surround sound for games and audio apps for free What OpenGL 3D graphics, OpenAL is the 3D sound. If not Microsoft's DirectSound is used as an audio API, so the sound of games with the highest probability is generated by the equivalent of Creative. Known representatives on OAL base include Minecraft Download or Unreal. Whether the user or coders - who wants to use Windows programs and games to OpenAL basis, ie requires the OpenAL download.