Usually do not fall Skype costs when to chat and phone calls. However, there are exceptions. Now find out which are the one!

If you're looking for Internet telephony for a suitable software that quickly comes tofree Skype download. Skype introduced the internet telephony a very early age and is most popular today and is used by many users. In talks that are conducted online from one computer to another computer, incurred as a rule no expense in Skype; However, there are some exceptions that are sometimes difficult to see through.

Skype costs

Skype costs: How are fees

Most users of Skype know that in conversations that are conducted online, incurred no Skype costs. Opaque contrast, it is when a landline telephone or a mobile phone to be called via Skype. The costs are generally related to the call destination. This guide explains exactly how to charge Skype Credit and when incurred fees.

The system requirements for Skype

Skype can be installed on all current operating systems. This includes the latest versions of Windows, Mac and Linux. Also, Skype is supported on mobile devices such as Windows Phone, Android or iOS. Additionally, it is important to have a fast Internet connection is available. In addition, should - if video calling is to be performed - a webcam and a microphone to be present.

The exact costs

In advance it is very important to know in terms of costs, that only is the goal of the call is important. Where does the user calls, does not matter; the tariff is always the same. Charges only for calls to landlines and cell phones.

1st step: Before a paid call can be made, a certain Skype Credit must be purchased. The credit can be available for purchase in both the Skype software itself as well as on the manufacturing side.

Skype Cost credit

Step 2: If a call to a landline or mobile phone made, the costs during the call looks. Thus, the tariffs provided the called party decreases shown in the call window.

Skype call window costs

Step 3: Who calls regularly via Skype to landline telephones and mobile phones can also buy a so-called subscription for calls. The user can be sure that more credit is available sufficient and spontaneous calls can be made. The exact costs vary from country to country and can be checked on the side of Skype.