Viva video

Convenient video editing on the smartphone compliant with entertaining visual effects? the free Viva Video App bring a camera and a powerful video editor on the mobile device. With the editor you can create great clips, provided with filters and animated stickers and send them to friends instantly from photos or videos.

Viva Video app makes memories masterpieces

Video editing tools on the computer, there are more than enough. But to find an app for smartphone and tablet that is versatile, can thereby also serve good, is not so simple. With the Viva Video: Free Video Editor, the search is over, because the app brings exactly with these requirements. The Android application is already one of the world more than 15 million users and has been repeatedly named by Google number 1 free video editors.

Viva Video AppViva Video app for creative video editing on Android devices

And rightly so - that the Viva Video Download brings not only the skills necessary to versatile video editing, the application makes it easy fun.

Extensive key features of Viva Video: Free Video Editor

The video app is video camera and editor in one. the camera alone brings countless features: For various multi-capture options as Selfie, Funny, collage etc. are supported. In addition, you can create capture videos for Instagram or use different lenses for fun effects. The Selfie camera is equipped with seven lenses.

Professional Video Editor

The user is not only possible to edit video, it can also be in a few clicks create little slideshows and collages of photos.The Viva Video App Editor includes professional editing tools that make, among other things, cutting and joining of video snippets breeze. The user can also provide its clips with great extras. So texts, animated stickers, music and other exciting effects can be integrated. Overall, the app over 200 free effects such as stickers, themes, etc. are available. Also transitions can be optimized in this way. In addition, the user can review any edits in the Viva Video Editor in a preview.

Viva Video App EditorViva Video: Free Video Editor allows versatile machining

share and export videos

The small masterpieces then can be stored without problems in the gallery. Who wants to share it, can share the clip on the most popular networks like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, but also via WhatsApp, e-mail or another service.