Of the download SopCast allows reception of international TV channels over the Internet. The freeware allows such as the viewing of sporting events that are in this country is not broadcast on free TV. Self, who is looking for a Bundesliga football stream will find it here.

SopCast Download provides access to worldwide TV channels

Similar to the PPLive SopCast Download provides users access via the Internet to broadcast television stations worldwide. In the list of free tools found mainly Chinese channels, as well as TV stations from other regions such as Italy, Russia and the United States. Especially in football stream is the free tool has been proven. SopCast is based on the so-called peer-to-peer method. This has the advantage of not having to rely solely on a central server, but access to an entire network of computers. Transfers via peer-to-peer so achieve a higher quality playback. At the same time a disproportionate volume of traffic, however, can lead to problems and stuttering during the stream. Conveniently, SopCast brings his own video recorder with the same. This sets the video streams in the form of ASF files on the hard disk.

download SopCastThe SopCast Download offers international sporting events to the stream.

Installation and use

Following the SopCast Download the program can be installed quickly and easily. After starting the software, a login window will appear. However, the verification is more apparent than real, because without providing valid data, the software can be used without restrictions. Following registration, users will find under the tab Live Program Name a list of available TV channels. The names are sometimes a bit cryptic and you have a little through the station list click. Since only the station name and not being broadcast can be found at in the overview, it takes actually a little bit of luck to find the suitable transmission. Therefore, it pays to keep advance on the Internet for interesting vesting dates out and then only display the corresponding transmitter.

Football Stream instead Blockbuster

Who is looking for films and current series, but will better programs. The Problemvon SopCast: Most titles are available in a Chinese dubbed version to the stream. At sporting events, however, the tool is almost unbeatable, because here there are even transfers that are nowhere on German television, or which can be seen only on pay-TV channels.