Burning down Series – where Gibt’s quick help?

Burning down Series – where Gibt’s quick help?

More and more users are complaining that the platform Burning down Series or not charge. We went the matter thoroughly. Here learn the causes and whether you can fix them!

Streaming services, there are a dime a dozen – some are chargeable and the other more or less legal, but free. Among the most popular portals therefore also includes Burning Series, which provides its huge series deal available free of charge. In addition, you can reinziehen the go, his favorite shows thanks Burning Series app download. However, the service does always problems …

Burning down Series

Burning down Series: A permanent problem

Series frustration instead Series pleasure! report on all portals and forums User Series platform repeatedly about Sachwierigkeiten. It seems that the platform runs anything but stable. In the past year there have been complaints from users. And the complaints do not stop. A few days ago, in early November, the news spread across problems streaming service like wildfire. Slowly, the users are only annoyed and pissed – understandably. Anyone who has ever feel like it to be constantly interrupted in the middle of an exciting episode of his new favorite show?

What are the causes of the problems?

When Burning Series is down, server problems are responsible for a rule. Sometimes the fault lies not bs.to directly, but at a hoster. So difficulties in Vivo, Stream Cloud, FLASHX and Co. can just ensure that the user no longer works.

While it’s no consolation, but usually it also is the problem then not alone. Whether the cause is the matter Hoster or at Burning Series directly, the stream is paralyzed then the same for multiple users that access it.

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Current problems Series Burning

The recent failures that could be heard from 02 November 2015 were caused by the way by a DDoS attack. This is a targeted attack, which is out to break your system. The acronym stands for “distributed denial of service”.

Burning Series down DDoS attack

What to do if BS.to down?

Times should be Burning Series down again, the user can very quickly determine whether other users are affected. Looks best you are on this page, the Facebook presence of the streaming portal. There either report other users that is playing anything wrong. Or the operator of the site provide information on attacks, server breakdowns, etc.

And how can you help? We wish we could now come up with a lot of great tips around the corner: But unfortunately, it is this: If there are server failures and malfunctions, the user is really only one thing: wait and see. Impatient and hardcore Serienjunkies can indeed engage in the meantime to alternative streaming services such as kinox.to or one of the fee-based services like Amazon, Netflix or Google.