WhatsApp line break or Send: The Enter key

WhatsApp line break or Send: The Enter key

Sending messages is quick with the Enter key. but you can also at WhatsApp line break Insert one by pressing the Enter key. As you surrounded this, we show here.

Set line break: WhatsApp

There are well known, two types of users who use WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iPhone: Send to longer texts with heels, but also those who send the always individual lines and bring the receiver as perceived 1,000 messages at once.

Perhaps the latter have not yet realized that you can insert in WhatsApp by pressing the Enter key and line breaks. Everything is as always in the right setting within the app.

WhatsApp line breakInsert for WhatsApp line break or quickly send the Enter key: A not so easy decision. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

By default, the WhatsApp line break is even preset. But maybe you have the function accidentally switched again so that you now automatically submits the written text by pressing the Enter key on the smartphone keyboard. Or you once did it on purpose to be able to send faster, you know now but not how to do it reversed? The reasons can be as varied as the WhatsApp users.

Edit Enter key settings

Now if you want the way the Enter key while WhatsApp responding change again, you must do the following:

  1. Opens the settings using the menu at the top right (three points). The bottom of the pop-up you can find the correct entry.
  2. Typed within the settings on the tab chats.
  3. Here in the new screen you will find the top entry Enter = Send. If the box is not checked, stands as evidence under the “Enter key adds a row.” Have you set the check mark, however, is the message “Enter key sends the message”.
  4. Is looking for you one of the options: Either you check the box and sends immediate Fast Message by your pressing the Enter key – but runs the risk of annoying your WhatsApp contacts a little when you are actually prolific writer. Or you let the tick away and continues with the Enter key instead line breaks.
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WhatsApp word wrap settingsWhatever you decide you: The check mark is removed or your in the settings. (Picture: screenshots Editor)

Nevertheless quickly send in WhatsApp

Even if you have set the WhatsApp line break, you can still send messages quickly. Because there is still the “Send” button, you can press the least as fast as the Enter key.

Let’s face it, actually the word wrap feature is pretty convenient – and does it really two ways to submit a message? The Send button is now so present and attached to reach, that it no longer necessarily requires the Enter function for direct transmission. Thus we see that in any case. But this is of course up to you. And in the end everything is yet again above all: habituation thing.

What about WhatsApp Web?

With WhatsApp Web there is not a line break by pressing Enter key. Here is sent directly – but also the send button is missing. If you want to insert a line break, you have to apply a trick: you must at the same time [Shift] + [Enter] to insert a line break at WhatsApp WhatsApp Web.