Farm Heroes Saga Super

With the Farm Heroes Saga Super App is a new match 3 game from on Android or iOS devices. Similarly as in the first part of it is, on the (game) field to combine three equal fruits. With new boosters, so far about 100 levels and fast-growing vegetables, fans of the King Games can look forward to new challenges.

Farm Heroes Saga Super App: Proven concept with some new features

Players who know the first part of the saga, will quickly find their way to start Farm Heroes Saga Super App. For the setting and the characters were taken from the first part of the saga. But even beginners can start immediately, because the game concept is simple - especially with the first trains a small tutorial is connected. The levels can each be in a few minutes to play through, making the mini-game to the perfect stopgap.

Farm Heroes Saga Super AppNew challenges with the Farm Heroes Saga Super App

What is new in the second part of the saga?

Ultimately, most of King Games variations on a theme - albeit at a high level and with numerous levels that get with almost any update further growth. In the Farm Heroes Saga Super app, the developer promises new Booster and challenges. So there is the second part of large fruits that increase the point value significantly. Right, that there were already in the Blossom Blast Saga. Overall, therefore, merely reinforced concepts were reshuffled. It is also difficult to reinvent the wheel in the genre of casual games - and perhaps we should not expect that too at this point. The players simply get exactly what they expect.

Freemium Game with an option for in-app purchases

Like all titles from the home is also the Farm Heroes Super Saga free to download. However, there are the usual Freemium Games restrictions. A limited number of lives, trains, boosters and in some levels a strict time limit. What is not yet a problem in the first levels, it quickly becomes a challenge - especially when one threatens to fail on a task and does not seem to move forward several days or weeks. Since the stimulus to gain an advantage via in-app purchases is relatively high. These cost depending on the item between 0.99 euros to 99.99 euros. A price that can be costly quickly. Those who want to avoid this, in-app purchases on iOS block completely and set at least one PIN on Android that must be entered each time you shop.