Windows 10 connect Bluetooth: How It Works

The connect Windows 10 Bluetooth is not that difficult. With the transmission standard Bluetooth to wireless devices of all kinds with the new operating system can be coupled and thus replace 10 computers quickly and easily as well as data from smartphones and tablets with Windows. We'll tell below how it works!

Windows 10 connect Bluetooth and set it properly

No matter whether it's smartphone or tablet is a Bluetooth headset, a headset, a speaker, mouse and keyboard or a fitness tracker - ensures the transmission standard Bluetooth that users wirelessly connect various devices to the computer and Windows 10 use. To this end, after the Windows Bluetooth must be turned 10 download. The path leads from the taskbar in the Info Center. Clicking on this Bluetooth is enabled or disabled.

connect Windows 10 BluetoothWindows 10 connect Bluetooth: We show how to do it! (Image: Microsoft / Editorial)

make Bluetooth settings in Windows 10

Since Bluetooth in smartphones and tablets heavily loaded the battery, the wireless technology is normally off. Who wants to make Bluetooth devices in Windows 10 visible Bluetooth must turn once on both devices so that they can really communicate. For devices that are used frequently, it is sufficient to turn on Bluetooth so that Windows 10 recognizes this. But if you want to pair a new Bluetooth device with Windows 10 must make some preliminary first, first, the user clicks on Settings, and click Device and Bluetooth.

Windows 10 Bluetooth Connect settingsSwitch to 'On' and the PC searches for Bluetooth devices. (Picture: editorial)

making devices visible under Windows 10

Under Bluetooth devices manage be seen whether Windows 10 Bluetooth is activated. The PC will search for available devices with which it can connect. Under Related settings the user clicks on advanced Bluetooth options and the Options tab. Here he is at a hook "Bluetooth devices to find this PC", Another click OK and the device to pair to be able to Windows 10 "see", Before the Windows 10 users can connect between the operating system and the new Bluetooth device, it only needs to enter a PIN code.

Windows 10 Bluetooth devices connectCheckmark at 'Bluetooth devices to find this PC' set! (Picture: editorial)

10 solve Windows Bluetooth problems

Most Windows works connecting 10 Bluetooth problems, but there may be difficulties with the pairing of devices to the PC but occasionally. The user should check whether smartphones or cell phones are fully charged and that the correct PIN is entered at the link. Sometimes it comes to driver problems. In this case you should check whether really the latest drivers are installed for the Bluetooth devices. An automatic driver installation of Windows 10 can resolve various Bluetooth problems. To this end, the user uninstalled the driver of the device that is causing problems and restarts the PC. The operating system automatically searches for updated drivers for the device and installed it also the same.