ALDI TALK Internet settings: How the flat rate 2023

ALDI TALK Internet settings: How the flat rate

Only with the right ALDI TALK Internet settings make full use of the data plan of the discount provider users, otherwise they surf with a frustrating low speed.

Data Brake by false ALDI TALK Internet settings

Under the wide range of mobile operators and the tariff of the German discounter is gaining in popularity, not least thanks to the practical ALDI TALK app, can manage their accounts easily with the user.

Sometimes it happens that users have a very low speed Inter despite a full data plan. This may be due to the wrong Internet settings and can be resolved easily.
ALDI TALK Internet settings(Picture: ALDI TALK)

Setting Your Internet settings for ALDI TALK

For most providers, the configuration of the Internet connection is automatic, flat-rate can be used immediately. However, the ALDI TALK Internet settings must be manually changed often because the discounter does not use its own network and the smartphone is not always decide for the right E-Plus channel.

This error can be easily fixed in the settings of the smartphone.

ALDI TALK configure Internet at Android

  1. Step: First you go through the menu in the settings of the Android device and that shouting the point and wireless networks. This is usually at the top of the list and is marked by a blue-Fi icon.
  2. Step: Next, you choose the navigation point Mobile networks under the options for roaming, networks and APNs can be defined and typed there on the access point name.
    ALDI TALK Internet settings APN(Screenshot: Editorial)
  3. Step: Now the APNs all available, all with E-Plus in the name appear. Here, the access point E-Plus is selected internet. This point needs to be edited with the right credentials.
  4. Step: The field for the access point or APN is filled with
  5. Step: After input at user e plus. The network is small in this case and written together.
  6. Step: In most cases, the password is already taken and is the Internet. The password is valid for all users of ALDI TALK network. If the flat rate still does not work after the configuration, users can use the gprs alternative password.
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ALDI TALK Internet at iPhone and iPad setting

Even with iOS devices, the ALDI TALK Internet can change settings easily. Here the navigation is done via Settings -> General -> network -> Mobile data network.

ALDI TALK Internet settings iOS(Screenshot: Editorial)

The mobile data with the Internet settings APN:, user name: e plus and password: gprs furnished. After that is the fast browsing with iPhone or iPad no more obstacles.