Navfree for Android

Expensive navigation devices were yesterday, today, to get to the Navfree Android Application safely to their destination – for free. The app brings OMS cards that result from collected user data as well as voice control and versatile search and display functions. The cards are also available offline.

Navfree Android application – a community-navi

Nowadays no one overpriced navigation devices must also order at the car equipment. The wide range of useful Auto software ranges from tank and speed camera apps on car-buying portals to fully equipped navigation systems. The last category, the Navfree Android is one application. In 2010 she was first released as iOS app and has built up by tapping the Android market since then a growing community. Today, the developer Navmii has more than 15 million users worldwide. The special thing about the app is that the Data of the map by the users themselves come. That is, the company moved for navigation OpenStreetMap (OSM) data approach. About 850,000 people have already participated and helped to complete the map data and update it. In this way, the user gets the very latest data instead of dusty age-old cards. In addition, the app still under development.

Navfree Android

Functions for convenient use of Navfree app

The Navfree Android brings application as befits a good navigation system, voice control. are beyond Onboard cards also available without a data connection are doing with. This is particularly interesting for foreign travel because so get no roaming costs to the user. For the route calculation the navigation app can easily do without data connection. Was once an exit on the highway missed or taken the wrong turn – no problem. The Navfree app can respond to these situations immediately and gives thanks to rerouting nimble a new route.

Navfree Android Route

Auto software with good usability & fast search

Of particular note is the quality of the maps. These boards are not only timely, but also come in HD on the smartphone. Since the last update and house numbers on the card are displayed. The search for a location can be done both online and offline. And it does not matter if you search for zip codes, street names or specific POIs. Navigating works equally well, so that everyone can deal according to his preferences with the app. On top of that, the navigation app recently also allows ** Foursquare search **.

Navfree Android Search

Incidentally, the app not only for motorists made. For those who prefer to walk from A to B, simply switches to the running mode and also comes with the fastest way to your destination. Navfree provides tried and tested Navi devices in the shade With the navigation app for Android smartphones users more quickly to their destination. Thanks to reliable, always updated and visually appealing maps, navigation is exemplary. The route calculation is nimble and react quickly to their own mistakes while driving. In addition, the data can be stored on the smart phone and retrieved without a data connection.