they are far from dead, the classic online-dating and flirting websites, but with the possibilities offered by smartphones, desktop variants can barely keep up. This includes in particular the prospect can be set using GPS View other users within the local area, which is a main feature of the LOVOO app is one of the most popular applications for mobile dating.

LOVOO app based on location-based services

Like many other mostly free services of dating apps LOVOO app based on location-based services. In other words: LOVOO the user does not see the LOVOO users who live anyway (or the world) at the other end of the country but the potential flirt partner from the immediate area. The Live Radar updates automatically in real time. Thus we learn, for example, the neighborhood or the people who are in the same train, know in a new way. And who knows, maybe find even one or the other partner for life there. The chances of this are good, as the Google Play Store, the application is among the ten most popular apps in the category social networks.


Playful Contacting Match Game

After installing the app, such as by APK file in our download area, the Flirt willing must first log in and create a user account. Registration can also be done via Facebook, G + or email and is free. Then the new members can view other members LOVOO not only using the live radar and browse. The app also has a search function. So users have the option to limit accordingly by means of profile to search for other members to individual preferences. Another fun way to make contact with other Lovoo’lern is the match-Game: The user is thereby shown photos of other members, he can evaluate. These reviews are then sent by mail to the members concerned and, on mutual interest, a contact via chat is possible.

LOVOO App Match Game

Setting LOVOO via APK on the Android smartphone

The LOVOO app is free and available as an APK file for Android smartphones in the download area. It should be noted that on the smartphone the option “unknown source” is enabled. The corresponding hook can from Android 4.0 in “Settings – Security” to be set. Subsequently, the APK can be transferred from the PC to the smartphone, for example, via a USB cable. the start-up LOVOO was launched by the way of an eight-member founding team. 2011 LOVOO app finally came to market. Originally the name "Kiss2go" provided, but to go the legal dispute with a radio station out of the way, the app has been renamed. A Berlin radio station had accused the founders of a trademark violation.

LOVOO app contacts

Flirt app with great features

Modern smart phone technologies offer new opportunities and LOVOO app uses the new possibilities able to also for social networks. Thus the Android app, for example, indicates other members from the surrounding area and thus offers new possibilities for contact socializing. Also, the match game is a fun way of contacting other LOVOO members. The creation of the profile is carried out quickly and easily, similar to many other free apps from the field Messenger & VoIP. Who remains alone with so many active LOVOO’ler, lives most likely in the wrong neighborhood. Only the contact is complicated somewhat in the free basic membership. For particularly sociable user therefore gets a "VIP"paid -Membership that there are currently available for purchase starting at 7.99 euros.

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