What is the best TeamViewer alternative? 2023

What is the best TeamViewer alternative?

Who will not really warm with the program TeamViewer can switch to other remote maintenance tools. Now everything about the best TeamViewer Alternative experience!

All information about the best alternative TeamViewer

TeamViewer, with more than 200 million users of the most popular remote maintenance programs. After the free TeamViewer download the software acts as a PC breakdown service, which can access other computers remotely. Remote access occurs in real time, in addition, the VoIP tool, video and text chat capabilities brings. Those who still is not completely satisfied with the program should look for a TeamViewer alternative. Large enough to select at least, but the tools are good something? We have taken five remote maintenance programs more closely.

TeamViewer AlternativeTeamViewer Alternative: change to another remote maintenance tools?

What TeamViewer alternative is recommended?

Although TeamViewer is one of the most popular programs for remote access, but is not necessarily the best of its kind. For example, one could complain about the quality of the image transmission, which sometimes struggles with stuttering and delays. Others are not with the safety aspects satisfied or do not like the program’s interface.

On what grounds discontent arose Anyway, it does not hurt to look at even a few alternative remote maintenance programs closer. As one can see in the chart below, there is more than enough. Which but then also worth a test, we have previously reviewed at five programs.

  What is the best TeamViewer alternative?

TeamViewer alternative selectionTeamViewer alternatives AnyDesk to RealVNC

AnyDesk with fast image transfer processes

The special feature of AnyDesk is, it comes from developers who have also worked on TeamViewer. Their intention was to create a faster, sharper and delay-free transmission. But they have their own method, called DeskRT developed which reduces the amount of data during transmission.

TeamViewer alternative AnyDeskAnyDesk reduces the amount of data during transmission.

The result: The frame rate is twice as high and the data delay is a quarter of TeamViewer. Thus AnyDesk is the fastest TeamViewer alternative, compared to the other competitors. Not only that, due to the excellent image quality even complex programs such as graphic tools can now be operated easily by remote control. Also with regard to ease of use, there are no compromises. The only restriction: The free version may only be used for private use.

Ammyy Admin with high security in data transmission

In Ammyy Admin is a remote control program that should be of particular interest to businesses. With the tool, networks and servers can be managed remotely. Likewise, employees can access from outside on their office PC. Another advantage is that this alternative for remote training and presentations is because it can be shared materials and communicate via chat.

TeamViewer alternative Ammyy AdminAmmyy Admin is particularly interesting for companies.

also is worth noting the high security in data transmission, which is guaranteed by recognized encryption standards and complex authentication settings. The use and control is easy, because an installation on all computers is not necessary.

Simple desktop with chat function

This TeamViewer alternative is particularly suitable for less experienced home users suitable. The surface of the tool was designed very user-oriented, so that the use is not a problem. In addition, the remote control software comes with older Windows machines clear (Windows 2000). For good communication between the operator and remote computer, the chat feature provides. Security is also provided through encryption during data transmission.

  Qual è la migliore alternativa TeamViewer?

LogMeIn also comes with older Windows systems deal

The LogMeIn tool is not fully functional as a free version. That is, the program allows for the installation on the home PC, although access to it. However, the user can not simply copy files or give a print in order. This is only possible with the paid Pro version. The processing of files in turn is allowed.

TeamViewer Alternative LogMeInWith LogMeIn important features are available only in the Pro version.

but it is also inconvenient that you have to create an account on the manufacturing side, to use LogMeIn. One advantage of the tool: It gets along well with older Windows operating systems and can be installed from Windows 98th

RealVNC is recommended only in the Enterprise and Personal Version

In RealVNC is not a good TeamViewer alternative, at least if you look at the free version. So there is a lack of security mechanisms, 128-bit AES encryption is available only in the paid Enterprise and Personal Version. In addition to the free version a chat and print capability, and the ability to transfer data is missing. In addition, the image quality is not optimal.

TeamViewer alternative RealVNCRealVNC is lacking in the freeware version of security mechanisms.

Rainer W.

Conclusion of Rainer W.

In terms of image quality and speed AnyDesk depends competition from definitive. In addition, the tool is well suited for beginners as well SimpleDesktop. For companies but Ammy Admin is a good alternative thanks to its special features. The two other remote control programs fall due to limitations in the free version further.

  Qual è la migliore alternativa TeamViewer?