When MM-tank book that the title "Vehicle costs - Fuelbook &# 45; fuel costs" bears, it is a useful collection of Excel spreadsheets designed for motorists. In addition to the Fuelbook all other vehicle costs such as insurance, repairs, etc. recorded and automatically determines the cost per kilometer for one's own car.

Fuelbook Download: Identification and illustration of all vehicle costs

With "Vehicle costs - Fuelbook - fuel costs" sees the long-suffering motorists what the mobile frame really costs. Various graphical analyzes illustrate the individual cost, among other things, fueled liters, the mileage and fuel consumption. The user simply after Fuelbook Download grasp its fuel receipts properly and everything else automatically calculates the freeware on request. This also has an automatic year and multi-year evaluations.

Fuelbook Download

Depreciation and leasing fees are taken into account when the car costs

The basic Excel spreadsheet provides the opportunity for each month of the year, capture all information related to their own trips and the cost of fuel. For the January to December tab placed in the bottom of the table. The user enters into the yellow marked fields in each month, the date, the number of kilometers, the tanked fuel and price per liter of petrol or diesel one. From this, the Excel spreadsheets automatically calculate other information, such as the mileage, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers and the cost per kilometer. Under "Others" Insurance can specify vehicle tax, repairs and other costs. Also, the depreciation and leasing costs, of course, not be ignored.

illustrate tank cost in relation to mileage

done with the table admin.xls year and data transfer. All data of the current year are copied on request by clicking in a year. Useful is also tba.xls. This table illustrates the driven in each month mileages and fuel costs. So the driver can compare quite well which fuel costs are incurred in relation to the mileage and how they spread over the full year. Similar statements is the year tba_jv.xls. Here are the previous year is added as a basis for comparison.

Fuelbook Download Spirtkosten

detect loss of value of the vehicle

tbwert.xls presents a calculator for the loss of value determination. The vehicle owners are the cost and the useful life of the vehicle and receives the monthly depreciation. The depreciation calculation can be done either over the cost or the Schwacke list. Finally, the user can still find a table called tools.xls in the ZIP file. This is to computational tools for determining the mileage and fuel uplifts liters. For example, indicates consumption and number of liters and receives the mileage. The determination of the fueled liter reversed from the indication of consumption and mileage. More programs for motorists are available in our software offering for free download. Hold all applicable vehicle expenses and calculate The handling of vehicle costs - Fuelbook - fuel costs seems at first a bit confusing and complicated. Who has the relationship of Excel spreadsheets by looks, but will receive an equally simple as useful tool for recording all incurred vehicle expenses based on Excel with the fuel log download.