can the Google Assistant disable?

Update of 18 August 2017: He's here! To around 500 million Android devices Google Assistant has now arrived. So: Disable Google Assistant? Here you find out more!

Original of 9 March 2017: He is currently being rolled out to around one third of all Android devices - but can also be adapted. As you the Disable Google Assistant can we show you here. This is in fact complete, but also partially.

Disable Google AssistantGoogle Assistant is rolled out on newer Android phones. But you do not want to use it? No problem. (Image: Google / pixabay / Editorial)

disable the Google Assistant is not difficult

Originally the Google Assistant was incorporated only for the Google pixel and everyone still coming Google devices planned or in the Messenger Google Allo. Now the company is rolling out the backup software to other Android devices - at least for the more recent.

Say: Not every Android users will receive the new wizard tool, but only the corresponding with a device the following claims:

  • current Google Play Services
  • at least 1.5 GB of RAM
  • at least 720p screen resolution
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.

So fall per se already some smartphones out. Everyone else will the other hand, can look forward to the new wizard sooner or later. And that pushes one or the other users on somewhat acidic but. Because you can choose to not when the device is suitable for the tool.

Google replaces the new Prograemmchen namely against the previously installed on the devices Google Now. And now that some users did not like. And at least so far, the newcomer is not quite as smart as he is yet to be.

Google Assistant disable trainableThe wizard is capable of learning and can therefore be quite handy over time. But not everyone needs the tool. (Image: Google)

off all or part of?

But: As with Google Now there again now the opportunity to be able to disable Google Assistant - even partially.

  1. Open the Google Assistant by long operated your the Home button.
  2. Top right you will find the menu (three points). Opens this and selects the settings.
  3. Here's the entry Google Assistant to see. Pushes the switch to easy Out and the tool is disabled.

Will you sorry resembled ARGUS is switched on, the voice recognition "Ok Google," you can also deselect the switch next to "Ok Google" in the settings.

Similarly, your other individual areas can and deselecting, for example, the screen context, if you will not get any information on content in the display.

Most remain Now on Tap Services - if you want

These services are you familiar? Right. If you want to keep the Google Assistant, so you do not have to do without services of Now on Tap. You can analyze the screen content with the new wizard to find information or make screenshots.

You open the Assistant as described just like Now on Tap, by hitting the home button for long. Now you can ask a question or pull the Assistant further upwards to land at the old Now-on-Tap functions.