Delete WhatsApp voice messages – in one fell swoop!

Delete WhatsApp voice messagesThus shall it be old audio data going back and clears the memory of its smartphones free! We reveal step by step, how to destroy the "Audio garbage"!

Whether one uses the download of WhatsApp for Android or for iOS: When a voice message is received, it will be downloaded automatically - like it or not. Because this function can also not yet clear. However, if you do not want to clutter up his phone with extraneous messages should from time to delete old voice messages.

Delete WhatsApp voice messagesRemove all WhatsApp voice messages: Find it! (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Delete WhatsApp voice messages: chatting, by date or completely

In principle, you can delete a news in two ways: directly in the app or via the file manager. Sorry, no voice messages are listed under the menu item media. So you have to open any conversation within WhatsApp and search the news gradually. Following these can be marked with a long tip and moved to the Trash.

Delete WhatsApp voice messages how it works within the appDelete voice messages within the messenger WhatsApp. (Screenshot: Editorial)

However, if you want to delete a long-playing record length on various WhatsApp voice messages should proceed as follows:

Simple audio clearing out of date or completely via File Manager

So before you click through every single conversation and scroll, you can delete effectively WhatsApp voice messages if you use a file manager. Here the following path must be opened:

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Media
  3. WhatsApp Voice Notes

Now you can either delete the contents of the entire folder (not the folder itself, it WhatsApp is sensitive) by dialing the trash and WhatsApp selects VoiceNotes following and confirming the deletion.

For those that want to remove only some messages, finds the corresponding data in the WhatsApp folder VoiceNotes sorted by date. Here the desired images can be selected and removed by clicking on the trash. Incidentally, this approach also works for other types of media such as wallpapers, gifs, audio, documents, images, profile photos.

Delete WhatsApp voice messages via File MangerThe most convenient way to delete via File Manager goes. (Screenshot: Editorial)

The old Native: Cleaning tools for WhatsApp

You can only delete images from the Messenger after downloading the Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp, there are now a number of apps that you can delete WhatsApp voice messages. So the cleaner for WhatsApp download provides a practical overview about the kind of files via WhatsApp block the memory of the smartphone. In addition to voice messages, especially videos and pictures are the biggest memory hog.

WhatsApp voice messages delete Via CleanerThe Cleaner for WhatsApp sorted data and makes it available for selected Delete. (Picture: tattobr)

But even profile pictures, background images or databases and calls are listed, including the space that they occupy. Each section can be called up individually and the respective entries are viewed. A particular highlight is that the application also tracks down duplicate files that can be followed easily erased. Perfect for those who want to do some work with cleaning up their smartphones.