Smileys Skype - List and application of emoticons

Smileys Skype – List and application of emoticons

Smileys Skype are little helpers to give the written expression. What are there and how they are made is to be found here. The IP telephony service Skype for free download provides its users within the chat feature an extensive list of Smileys in Skype, so-called emoticons available. These smileys are used as a replacement for facial expressions and gestures and can convey feelings and moods without a word. What emoticons are used, refer to the following sections. Skype Smileys part 1

How to use Skype smileys correctly

Smileys in Skype serve to illustrate the importance of context a statement. For example, an ironic statement in writing often alone will not be recognized by the choice of words and is accordingly supplemented by a wink-smiley. The use of smileys, the technical requirements and the activation of additional pictograms below more. Skype smileys part 2

Requirements for the use of emoticons

To use smileys Skype as part of the chat function, a digital terminal is first needed. The Skype software is free to download and be installed on a PC / laptop and on tablets and smartphones. Following the contact list can use the button "add contact" Any number of contacts are added. The chat function is by right-clicking on a contact, and the selection of the drop-down list box "Instant message …" started. A new window is opening up; one’s own text is entered at the bottom of the page. In addition to the text input field is a small smiley icon. A click on the smiley opens the full list of Skype emoticons. These include:

  • Smile: :): =) 🙂
  • Sadly :(: = (:-(
  • Laugh:: D: D = -D
  • Cool: 8 =) 😎 = B)
  • Twinkle) ;-); =)
  • Surprised:: o: o =: -o
  • Cry:; (;-( = (
  • Kiss: *: * =: – *
    Skype smileys 9 part 3 In addition to the Smiley input through the Short Code of the desired Smiley alternatively may be selected by a simple click.

Secret Skype Emoticons

In addition to the listed on the smiley emoticons register a series of secret Skype smileys is available. Realized they are by entering the following short codes:

  • (Mooning) – show ass
  • (Oliver) – man with glasses
  • (Toivo) – Man with Dog
  • (Broken heart) – broken heart
  • (Hollest) – Woman legs
    A complete list of standard smileys and emoticons secret may be found on the Internet.