We like to tell everyone something but: Podcasts have been enjoying some time again very popular. Also on Spotify can be found on various topics shooting - at least on the Spotify app. Spotify hear podcasts on the PC is so far not possible - at least not without going. we show you here this detour.

Spotify hear podcasts on the PCWith "Fixed & fleecy" It all started: The Podcast Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz was the first on Spotify.

Spotify podcasts on the PC to hear: Find it!

Since Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz with her radio show "Soft & Carefully "by Radio One moved to Spotify and the format now there under the name" Festival & offer fluffy "as a one-hour podcast, the newly introduced at the time when Spotify feature growing in popularity. Numerous new podcasts on every conceivable topic areas - whether knowledge, fun, children's content or just the latest gossip - have been added since then. you can choose between the categories Lifestyle, stories, art and gaming, culture, news, knowledge, comedy, entertainment, sports and leisure, science and nature.

Spotify has been strangely users who access the service via the PC, no way to popular podcasts play there. A small detour - namely via the smartphone - but that is still possible. So far, the podcasts are in fact only integrated into the smartphone app. A small damper there but for one or the other users: Not every smartphone and tablet is supported. The iPad, for example, is on the sidelines. But for there below a trick.

Spotify podcasts on the PC to hear find podcastsAbout the app podcasts are not hard to find. After they can be streamed to the PC.

For supported phones: stream podcasts

Who can use the podcast function on his cell phone, can also stream the episodes and listen to Spotify podcasts on the PC. It works like this:

  1. Spotify opens app and looking for you a podcast - either by posting directly examined using the search function after, or by your typing on the Browse tab to podcasts and you chooses one there. Plays it.
  2. Opens the Spotify software on the PC and log you a into the same account with which you are logged on your mobile phone.
  3. Then you can tap the bottom Available devices, so you all connected devices are displayed.
  4. Now if you select your PC, which is what you just heard on the smartphone, passed on the computer using the software.

Tip: Your phone acts in this case even as a remote control. So keep quiet places comfortably in bed or on the sofa and pause or rewind through the Spotify app on the smartphone easily back and forth - without getting up.

use Android emulator: For unsupported devices

You have a smart phone, on the Can not play back podcasts via Spotify or heading is simply not to be found? Do not despair: With an Android emulator You can also use on the PC, the Spotify app:

  1. Wants You to Your installed on your Windows PC an Android emulator, - for example, the BlueStacks app player download. On the software side, you will find some information about the installation.
  2. Starts the emulator and invite you the Spotify app down.
  3. There can now be heading podcasts or podcast & Select Video Shows
  4. In this section, all available podcasts can search and play.

If Spotify but eventually decide to integrate the podcast feature in the PC software and perhaps even in the Spotify web player, letting you know. Until then, the above-mentioned the possibilities of your choice, Spotify podcasts to listen to on your PC.