DVDFab Media Player

DVDFab Media Player

With the DVDFab Media Player Download comes with the free basic version a terrific video player for Windows 10. Since the new operating system across is something that comes to playing video files and DVDs and Blu-rays, the freeware just what the doctor ordered. Because Microsoft requires proud 14.89 euros for its DVD player app! Although some Windows 10 users can download a free version of the tool who will however have to pay or want to have a more elegant player on the computer accesses prefer to free alternatives.

After DVDFab Media Player Download Play popular video formats

Who is angry after the upload of Windows 10 on the abolition of the media center, gets to the DVDFab Media Player Download a practical alternative at hand. The software is available as a free basic version and as a paid Pro version.

DVDFab Media Player Download

Functionality of the free version

The free version users will receive the basic version of the tool. These features include:

  • Playback of DVD and Blu-ray ISO files and folders,
  • Playing HEVC-, UHD- and 4K video and other video files
  • Autoplay the next episode of a TV series
  • different skins
  • the vector rotating horizontal, vertical or 90 degrees
  • Creating a playlist with multiple titles

In the free version, the software can thus only indirectly as a Blue-ray and DVD players use. Only the Pro version allows you to start playing this media in the course menu mode.

Functions of the Pro version

The basic version includes at which the upgrade function to the paid Pro version, which to the basic features also offers a much larger range of functions:

  • Despite copy protection playback of DVDs and Blu-rays
  • Menu navigation as on a standard player
  • Scene preview thumbnails thanks
  • Select audio and subtitles
  • Frequent updates and technical support to assist new movies

With the Pro version users get a full DVD and Blu-ray players, who else can act all popular video formats. The software can also play media that can not be played due to the copy protection from other players. Thus the DVDFab Media Player replaces the purchase of an extra device. However, the full version with 99 US dollars proposes to Beech, making it anything but a bargain.