Word Academy Solution: lifeline for all levels

Word Academy Solution: lifeline for all levels

Who is stuck in one of the many levels, can grab the lifeline here. We have all the packages Word Academy solution found – and all! So Freizeitrater and Knobler watch out! After downloading the Word Academy app you definitely brings your gray cells in motion! But that is both a curse and a blessing: For quicker you can see, you have the game under control. All of a sudden you can just fingers not let them – until soon the head begins to smoke …

Word Academy Solution: The correct terms for each level

After the success with 94% the makers succeeded with this word game of the next coup – and has taken. The principle is seen through quickly: In the different-size letters salads correct terms must be found. This is a no brainer for 2×2 large playing fields. But with a salad of 5×5 or even 7×7 fields to get ever breaking a sweat. But do not despair: No matter where your stuck – you can find here the Word Academy solution for each level.

Word Academy solutionHere for all levels look the Word Academy solution!

Note: If more than one word per level are required, are these content related, as for example, cat – dog. The order may be different in one or the other may!

2×2 solution for large Word Academy packages

The first two level packs are really very simple. So just a four letter word to search for cuddly toy and baby each. Although this certainly does not help, we want to provide for Word Academy solution for completeness.

stuffed animal:

    1. Green, second cheese, 3. Forest. 4. Yellow 5. goal 6. Horn 7. Wind, 8. basket, 9. Koch, 10. Tower


    1. Corner, 2nd Peacock, 3. pants 4. man 5. Juice, 6. Sea, seventh round, eighth comb, 9 bread, 10th ring

Solution for all 3×3 Level

The requirement already rises a little. The user must now look for a solution in larger fields for the correct Word Academy. among the 3×3 large packages: Toddler ABC shooter zombie and cowboy.


    1. Whale Dolphin, 2. Money account, 3. Page, the fourth arm finger 5. Dance Music, sixth head hair, 7. Cat Dog, 8. pants jacket, 9 Stein Holz 10 dress skirt, 11th flight pilot, 12th hat fly 13 flood rain 14 Leo cancer, 15 camel sand, 16 summer ice, 17 kilo weighing 18 Goalkeeper Defense 19 Mango Kiwi 20 cheese Pizza


    1. Bad water, 2nd Wind Cloud, 3. ear hammer, 4. Auto cars, the fifth round circle, Day 6 hours, 7 Oboe Flute, 8 wheel tires 9. Respiratory lung, 10. Sea Sun, 11th bus ship, 12-floor office, 13 am belts, 14 goat Bock, 15. Lid eyelash, 16 Sweet Salty, 17 vase flower, 18 bear Hirsch, 19, glass cup, 20th Wurstbrot


    1. Nile Pharaoh, 2nd post letter, 3. Painter, fourth hat cloak 5. Bark, sixth moon Sun, 7. Large Small, 8. Pass Line, 9 sofa bed, 10. Door Latches, 11th duvet, 12 helmet fall, the 13th seat pedal 14 shirt suit, 15. Bach river 16 tea coffee, 17 gel pomade, 18 years months, 19 film mask 20. mousetrap


    1. Rice Curry, the second neck scarf, the third young age, the fourth ball leather, 5. Village city 6. Target Start, 7. Before marriage, 8. Oil energy 9. cheek tooth 10. Mark Thaler, 11th Wolf Fuchs, 12 eye brow, 13 pot of soup, 14 lift door, 15-hole button, 16 donkeys horse, 17 intestinal stomach, 18 syllable 19 mouth tongue 20. wheel tire

Word Academy solution for all 4×4 Level

At this size of the playing field the words are actually not so easy to find. So we left the toddler years long behind us and have now been found three words. the associated Word Academy is solution here for skaters, Yeti, Hipster, ghost, wrestlers and robots.


    1. Apple Pear Plum, the second throwing tennis golf, third Iltis Otter Marten, 4. Salad Bacon Tomato, 5th cheek forehead neck, 6. lightning rain thunder, 7. wheel fork frame 8. Colleague profession 9. Work Stress chef, 10. mushroom moss fern, 11th toast cereal scrambled eggs, 12 Raute Kegel trapezoid, 13. attorney teacher doctor, 14 chalk school child, 15 cradle diaper milk, 16. star Planet comet 17 fire ash flames 18 Schalmütze coat, 19 cream cheese butter, 20. card Casino luck


    1. Age Stock bite, 2. spinach bean pea, 3 sand palm shell, 4. Curry saffron chili, 5. Yacht steamer 6. unicorn dragon fairy 7. Feed Barn Willow, 8. Reisekoffer Hotel, 9. Pot pan Kessel, 10 oak spruce beech 11 apricot peach, 12 Rabbit Easter egg nest 13 shopping bag city 14 impression track paw, 15 card bill coin, 16 honey cinnamon vanilla, 17 ball tree tinsel, 18 Church altar prayer, 19 healthy vegetables fruits, 20. mosquito bite insect


    1. Jewelry ring chain, 2nd piglets calf foal, 3. Dragon Autumn fun, 4th lung stomach brain, 5. tart donut, 6 carrot cucumber corn, 7. New Year’s champagne Twelve, 8 rail track rail track 9. Los rivets win 10 Snowflake winter cold, 11. Aries cancer Taurus, 12. monk nun church 13. Tiger Puma Leopard 14 Safari Afrika Löwe 15 Blackbird throttle Fink, 16 cabinet shelf bed, 17 sunglasses view 18. tire Platt breakdown, 19 saddle ride bridle, 20. hike mountain valley


    1. Mouse network computers, second puddle road Wet, third crown scepter 4. Black Green Brown, 5th traffic light traffic stop, the sixth clock tomorrow morning, 7th Knight-face helmet, 8th lemon sour yellow, 9. Post brand stamps, 10 bakers cake of bread, 11 filler spring pin 12 Fuchs Badger deer, 13th paragraph shoe sole 14. cloud Weather rain, 15 hammer pliers nail 16 racquet ball net, 17 black cat unlucky 18 Sprint race goal 19 sailing regatta wind 20 antelope Gnu Zebra


    1. Medical doctor Medicine, 2nd wine corks grape, 3. Mill Coffee Bean, the fourth smoke water fire 5th fish gill fin 6. triceps arm muscle, 7. Tulip Rose Gerbera, 8 Bronze Silver Gold, 9. dome cap melon, 10. eagle hawk owl, 11. lipstick powder, 12 compass needle North, 13 Saxophone 14 politicians electoral Office, 15th caterpillar beetle spider 16 Beet shrub lawn, 17th magazine reading Fashion, 18th movie screen, 19 pupil Linse Iris 20 Orange Kiwi banana


    1. Flour butter sugar, the second root crown bark, 3. Beet Carrot Carrot, 4. melody song music 5. Color Palette Image, 6th bowl creator, 7. Planet Earth Saturn, 8. Driving Car Street, 9th tile roof beams 10 newspaper book reading, 11 cabinet drawer 12. Strauchbusch grass, 13 bottle glass cup, 14 bus and train transport, 15. vest blouse anorak, 16th cherry blossom Pink, 17 compartment train station, 18th bag bag bag, 19 stair lift lift, 20 cereal toast coffee

Solution for all 5×5 Word Academy Level

The following packages the playing field is now already grown on 5×5 fields and a Word Academy solution requires a quite a lot of brains from. There is support for the categories: knights, elves, wizards and pirate.


    1. Boots Pizza Pasta Sea country, the second crocus blooming spring sun, 3. Wash Rinse ironing Cleaning, 4. Cake Candle Gift Family, 5. Furniture moving box transportation, sixth cruise ship sea travel, 7th German History Geography, 8. Calendar Kranz Nativity Advent, the ninth race Marathon Sport win 10 cancer shrimp oyster shell, 11 peach, pineapple, quince fig, 12 rabbit magician hat magic 13 garden Beet vegetable turf grass, 14. telephone call routing, 15 . sled sledding winter skid 16 chocolate vanilla caramel, 17 hook bait fishing line network, 18 ham salami sausage Lyons, 19 mirror cabinet shower bath, 20 car numbers Checkout Shopping


    1. Piste Snow Mountain Slalom lift, the second engagement ring pair married love, 3. Training towel sweating, 4. Moss grass foliage frog bottle, 5. Cook restaurant menu waiter 6. ravioli penne pasta rigatoni, 7 excavators gantry construction, 8 . water fire earth metal wood, 9. radish carrot celery, 10. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple 11 collar leash cabin bone, 12. knife fork spoon chopsticks 13 cowboy Indians western movie, the 14th race sprinting Racing Go, 15. parquet laminate carpet cork, 16 amphibian toad frog toad newt, 17. upper cook Waiter restaurant, 18 thunderstorm thunderstorm wind 19 Cup podium winners medal, 20 housing rent contract numbers


    1. Team jersey Team Sport, the second school exam learning holidays, 3. King Turmbauer runner horse, 4th horror comedy romance film 5. Emmentaler Parmesan Cheddar, 6. cat paw Whisker coat, 7. sauce Mustard Ketchup Mayonnaise, 8. Gasoline diesel pump tank 9. silk linen wool fabric velvet, 10th minute hand watch hour, 11 Sprint Long jump javelin, 12. blouse dress shirt tails blazer, 13 blood love strawberry heart Rose, 14 computer laptop tablet phone, 15 . Stuhlhockerbank armchairs sofa, 16. Castle house room igloo tent, 17 shell sponge coral algae, 18 chips peanut pretzel snacks 19 ball prism Würfelpyramide 20 candle lamp lantern chandelier


    1. Cap hat hood helmet turban, 2. Cooking Baking steaming roasts, 3. Honey Butter Jelly Jam, the fourth pen ink pen writing, 5. postcard holiday memories, 6. Diamond Ruby Sapphire, 7. Blanket Pillow mattress 8. bride groom marriage wedding, 9. waltz Tango foxtrot Dancing, 10. Venus planet Mars planet Neptune, the 11th set of syllabic signs Letters, 12 wool knitting crochet stitch balls 13 roll film Actors Cinema 14 yoga carpet peace meditation, 15. All Galaxy Planet universe, 16. river Ocean current source Bach, 17 PensionHotel hostel travel 18 poppy tulip Rose geranium Aster 19 blouson windbreaker poncho coat, 20. Dane Poodle Spitz Dachshund


    1. Swing Slide Seesaw game, the second pyramid Sphinx Desert Temple, 3rd zoo cage enclosure Monkey Elephant, 4. Lead Tin platinum copper chromium, 5. cumin fennel mustard rosemary, 6. Blinker steering wheel motor tires, 7. City Market village community place 8. King queen Jack heart cross spades, 9 Clear Funny Munter Pleased 10. comet star Planet universe, 11. video game console joystick 12. Swimming track crawl chest, 13 inches border card entry, 14 hunting rifle loot weapon case 15 needle thread stitch sewing fabric 16. stock exchange share price trading Krach, 17, trial judge lawyer law 18 diesel fuel pump tank 19 violin Oboe Horn Timpani Trombone, 20 yard Stallscheune straw field


    1. Salmon Apricot Peach Mango, the second call message Internet SMS, third wizard spell magic cloak, 4th cake cookie muffin cake braid 5. Shield Jacket boots cape, 6th January February March 7. Mill lady chess board game. 8 Reggae Jazz Salsa Rap Electro, 9. work content wage cash bonus, 10 hair losing Bald age 11 idea idea plan idea 12. Firewood fire pit hot 13 Schick refinement Nobel Elegant, 14. Bock bars box horse Reck 15 theft key lock 16 Soccer team kickoff league 17 desert savanna steppe dry 18 Barbecue steak sausages beer, 19 ear oats wheat harvest millet, 20 backpack case pocket

All 6×6 Level: The Word Academy solution

From now on it gets really slow tricky, the following pitches have 6×6 stones. Since the developer takes the players already ran pretty. The following categories have to be solved: Secret Agent, Samurai, Hacker, ruler, Superhero, Genie and Pharaoh. And of course there’s the right word here Academy Solution:


    1. Spring Summer Autumn Winter season, the second story Latin Physics Chemistry Geography, 3rd curd cheese milk yogurt cream butter cream; 4.
      Ship sea treasure parrot peg leg pirate, 5. Tiger Jaguar Cheetah Lynx Leopard Panther, 6 ski hut piste avalanche winter ski tow, 7. airplane pilot stewardess cockpit travel, 8th pencil lead highlighter ink circle paper, 9. King Baron Duke Prince Count Imperial Prince, 10 cheese pepperoni mushroom tomato ham salami, 11 moving box crate furniture hauling heavy, 12th island green shamrock leprechaun butter sheep, 13 leash barking collar bone puppy for a walk, 14 sausage beer sauerkraut rye bread pretzel, 15 Circus clown circus trapeze artist tamer Animals, 16th mane galloping horse shoe trot saddle riding 17 shower mirror toilet sink bathroom, 18 carp pike perch trout salmon herring, 19 picnic friends Drink Food basket ceiling, 20 pyramid sand sphinx Pharaoh African culture


    1. Palm beach hammock holiday coconut, 2 carpet parquet laminate concrete cork tile, the third direction right path destination arrival turn, 4th handshake contractors signature weapon 5. order secret agent movie car suit, sixth doctor nurse pharmacist therapist midwife, 7 . Africa Safari wild Animals savannah travel, 8. cabinet shelves desk straightening bench, 9th pain pill medicine help alleviating, 10. walk footsteps walking strolling running, 11 Dragon cord sky steering autumn children 12 paw claw Whisker scratching hiss, 13. honey comb bee Stock beekeepers queen State 14. tie chain scarf collar medal, 15 color palette brush canvas motif painting, 16 glasses scar wizard orphan school cape, 17 boiler pot pot cup glass mug bowl 18 plan design architect drawing project 19. chocolate praline licorice candy floss, 20 sleeping dream alarm clock wake up tomorrow morning


    1. Ball gym exercise jump tires Gymnastics, 2nd armor shield lance fighting tournament, 3. Vanilla Strawberry Pistachio Lemon Banana, 4. Carnival Mask Costume parade ball 5. Saunaaufguss steam heat sweating, 6. Theater opera stage scene piece, 7. grass leaf frog salad crocodile broccoli, 8. whispering murmur murmur whisper mumble, 9th knee elbow rib hip vertebrae shoulder 10 conference meeting session conference meetings, 11 Internet browser window browsing page tab 12. family tree generation family ancestor 13 See Hear Feel smell taste sense practice 14 muscle Fitness Weightlifting body 15 snowboard Ski Bob sled snow winter, 16 dwarves Seven hunters Queen mirror apple, 17 artists inspiration muse creative talent, 18. robber criminal gangster crook crook, 19. dress bikini sandal skirt swimsuit Short, 20. Hamburger Pizza sausage kebab fries


    1. Accounting equation digit PlusMinus number 2. Heavy complexity Exhausting Laboriously, 3. Coal dough dough dough mice gravel, fourth rail car platform track ticket, 5 meters Watt grams Volt Ampere second Joule, 6. Destroy ruining Harry Ravage, 7th bottle mind rubbing desire Orient magic, 8. Eternal Always Constantly Constantly Stet infinity 9. Trouble blemish defect Macke weakness deficiency, 10. Church Mosque synagogue temple altar to God, 11. knife fork spoon plate glass napkin 12 perm bob Iroquois mullet Bob 13 beetles dragonfly earthworm cockroach ant 14 broom mop bucket rag wiper Handfeger 15 barrier hurdle obstacle wall wall dike 16 chain saddle pedals handlebar bell frame 17. superhero costume force Save weapon Stark, 18 candle lantern torch chandeliers chandeliers, 19th Vogelvieh traffic vampire vocal vase visa 20. wind chestnut leaf color crop fog cooling


    1. Volcanic eruption ash magma crater debris, the second brick cement concrete construction scaffold building, 3. profit success victory triumph lucky result, the fourth stage band concert festival people tent 5. Camping camp fire sleeping bag space 6. Parents Education Family screaming Streng, 7. Trumpet Flute Saxophone Trumpet Horn Oboe, 8. lightning thunder storm storms rain wind 9. flap setting screen shooting film set 10 restaurant Cinema meeting romance pair 11 diving goggles oxygen neoprene fin 12. groove vinyl round music needle record 13 chalk school blackboard eraser teacher hours, 14 snail turtle hedgehog sloth Koala 15 plane train car boat helicopter taxi, 16th oven microwave oven toaster fridge 17 chart table graphic overview list, 18 washing drying paints cutting blow-dry, 19 cereal toast butter bacon eggs Latte, 20 firefighters, hose delete emergency fire


    1. Riddle puzzling Think Think brooding, 2. Swan Penguin duck goose Pelikan Cormorant 3. identity document passport driving license, 4. Documents folder stack acts punch stapler, 5. Reporter newspaper articles Research Journal, 6 artworks Painting Sculpture Statue Mosaic, the seventh stanza poem poet rhyme verse poetry anthem 8. prey predator hunting tracking food animal, 9th parking meter ticket Garage coins speeding tickets, 10 sticks rice duck spring roll Sharp, 11 vampire blood garlic bite Dracula dark, 12 ship sinking iceberg Atlantic downfall. 13 allergy test drug laboratory itching, 14. shell sarong cloth screen swimsuit bikini, 15 elephant elk antelope goat rhino bull, 16 infant adolescent adult old man, 17 diamond diamond stripe pattern points Paisley, 18 onion celery carrot leek potato, 19th Fossil excavation historian history, 20 big screen movie popcorn chair friends


    1. Swimming pool diving board waterslide pool, 2. Maple Oak Linde beech chestnut alder elm, the third flushing Wax Spray Pomade Foam Shampoo, 4. Regal Checkout Cart tape on stock cooling compartment 5. Capricorn Virgo Aries Sagittarius Pisces, 6. Huge Grosshochstetten long Gigantic Powerful 7. account interest loan automatic saving, 8. lemon sun Tennis ball banana Taxipost, ninth hospital operating radiograph wound, 10 mythology Legend deity cult worship, 11 fir spruce larch pine cypress pine, 12 holiday beach Flamenco bullfighting paella 13 cat Spiegel Friday Head salt misfortune 14th flute clarinet trumpet trombone bassoon 15 chain earrings bracelet brooch clasp Reif, 16 coffee bean roasting grinding scalding drink, 17 screw worm snake fish frog toad, 18. trout salmon Guppy Hecht herring anchovy 19 silk leather linen wool fabric satin denim, 20, Swimming riding Gymnastics fencing climbing

Word Academy solution for all 7×7 Level

Okay, slowly it gets really almost criminal. 7×7 await the player from the next level. So far, the druid and Zeus are playable. And here there’s a lot to do:


    1. Shooting star asteroid observe astronomy telescope, the second gorge volcanic geyser plateau steppe desert bog swamp, 3. Safety protection bodyguard bouncer danger threat, 4th armed conflict discord friction voltage rift, 5th beginner novice connoisseurs expert Beginner expert professional, 6. Names word article adjective grammar singular present, the seventh racket net game box set double, 8. application CV phrase book Alarm clock, 10. creditcard ball serving line adjustment letter, 9. bedside lamp handkerchief water jewelry Transfer cash check Paypal, 11. Nicholas Tooth Fairy Easter Bunny Christkind Sandmann tales 12 pyramid dice triangle rectangular cylinder trapezoidal square, 13 drill pain caries braces filled syringe doctor, 14 circus onion pliers Zebra Zepter cigar brick doubt 15. island kimono Geisha Asia Manga Sushi Samurai Asia Tokyo, 16 kayak paddle rapids whitewater slalom wave boat, 17 temperature surface Län ge mass volume pressure energy time 18 garlic Dracula Night daylight canine immortal, 19. Baby Infant Toddler adolescent adult Greis, February 20, Valentine’s Day Romantic Love Gift Strauss


    1. Torch competitive discipline medal Participate Olympia, the second city village Continent District Market Region government district, 3rd politicians campaigning voice counting majority debate, 4. factory production line workers product layers, 5. Growth Hormone pimples teenager voice broke Bitchy acne, 6. jellyfish starfish octopus rays dolphin coral cancer, 7. bibs diaper cuddly toy pacifier creeper rattle, 8 leather pants white sausage Football Dirndl pretzel Bavaria, 9. Regal Checkout shopping cart food Pay crate 10. social network friends parts thumb Blue group pictures, 11 Bank fountain meadow trees picnic walk Sport Green, 12 pineapple pomegranate Papaya lychee star fruit passion fruit, 13. basil oregano rosemary garlic thyme coriander, 14 caravan campfire campground sleeping bag holiday nature, 15 traffic lights traffic sign right of way stopping 16 throne Jewels crown Castle scepter treasure dungeon Jester, 17 milk hazelnut dark Biscuit grape almond white, 18 shovel spade rake scissors wheelbarrow watering saw 19 Collar Fly Tie Scarf Key headphones, 20th Heaven Schlumpf Facebook Blueberry jeans Gentian Plum

That was previously available with all levels. For some time there have been no new updates. but we keep our eyes open. Once there is supply, you can here the latest Word Academy solution, see.