Finally can be WhatsApp use on PC. Who wants to tap its messages no longer cumbersome in an iOS or Android device, can now easily send via browser on Windows, Mac and Linux computers messages, media or voice recordings. An installation of Whatsapp on the PC for not separately necessary. Simply the site WhatsApp Web access, register, and start typing. The only requirement, so you can use WhatsApp on PC, is an Internet connection registered with WhatsApp smartphones or tablets and the latest version of the messenger on this device. Who should not have installed the Messenger, come here for free WhatsApp for Android download.

WhatsApp use on PC: How it works

For WhatsApp Web neither installing software yet another WhatsApp account is necessary. To use the Messenger on a PC, need only phone and computer are connected to each other and have an Internet connection. So you can use WhatsApp on PC, you call in the first step, the site WhatsApp Web in a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera) on. Right from the home a QR code that must be scanned with the mobile device appears. When you start WhatsApp on your phone and select "Menu" "WhatsApp Web." With the appearance of the scanner simply point the camera of the device at the QR code and the chats will be synchronized between the PC and mobile device. The features are almost identical to computers and mobile device: Even via PC to media can send such as photos and videos, send voice recordings, adjust the settings or update the status. Only the opportunity to submit their own location or to exchange contacts missing from the application.

WhatsApp use on PCThanks to Web application WhatsApp on PC use (screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

Activate WhatsApp Web notifications

If users WhatsApp use on PC, they can be informed, thanks to desktop notification and / or message tone for incoming messages. Simply within the blue zone "there are new messages inform" to "desktop notifications Switch" button. Follow Following the instructions on the screen and select "Allow". In the menu of WhatsApp Web can be selected as a notification under the "Notification" desktop notes and tones. In addition, users have the option of notifications temporarily - for an hour, a day or a week - issue. To enable the notifications again, it is enough to click on the crossed-alarm icon next to the chat icon. The alarms on your computer can be configured completely independently of phone or tablet. A special case group chat when a group is set to silent mode on the mobile device, this group remains on WhatsApp Web.