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Umbrella or maybe T-shirt - long gone are the days when you had to wait for the answer to this question on the news broadcasts on television or radio. With the right app you always have the weather forecast and often knows several days in advance if you would literally end up with a t-shirt like a drowned rat. One of the most popular players in this app segment is wetter.com that his wetter.com app offering for all platforms and can also impress with design, user-friendly operation and features.

wetter.com app is available for all major platforms

the application software from the wetter.com AG was developed. This in turn Manfred Klemann has founded back in 2000th Today the wetter.com AG is part of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group. The app is available for many platforms, even free in most cases. Whether iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone, iPad, Android tablet or Windows 8 tablet -. With the weather report app from wetter.com you are always up to date For those who want to use the weather service from the PC, provide the developers of even a toolbar and desktop apps.

wetter.com app

Weather app scores with functionality

Design and content are different on different operating systems a little. With the new desktop version about up to three locations can be saved as favorites. In this way, you can see the weather of the favorites, such as upcoming destinations or location of friends, always keep in mind and vote luggage then. In fact, the founder of wetter.com AG, Manfred Klemann even travel book publisher and has probably created with the app wetter.com also a piece of software that he has missed a traveler.

wetter.com app functionality

Easy installation of the weather announcement app on your smartphone or PC

the installation steps differ slightly depending on the platform. In the desktop version, for example, the user must first install the software Adobe Air because the wetter.com app for the desktop PC is linked to this additional software. Adobe Air is a platform independent runtime environment developed by Adobe Systems to create rich Internet applications for the desktop. In other words: a software that brings Web applications from the browser to the desktop so that they can be used offline. The installation is done in a few steps. Likewise the download and set up the actual app from wetter.com.

Setting wetter.com app

Weather app is more than a weatherman on the phone to wait for the weather forecast at the end of the television or radio news was announced in the eighties. Today there are for this purpose free weather forecasts apps for download. Specifically, the app wetter.com offering beyond pure Weather addition, many other useful features such as the storage of different places, about upcoming destinations, or forecasts of pollen, about sunrise and sunset and much more. The application software is available for all major platforms, even as a desktop app. Installation is quick of hand and convinces with Intuitive design and user-friendly operation.