Of the flightradar24 download provides near real-time data on air traffic in Europe and worldwide. The free Web app covers around 70 percent of all European scheduled flight and presented at your fingertips numerous detailed information on selected flights.

Flightradar24 Download: web browser as a radar screen

The flightradar24 Download transforms the browser window into a kind of radar screen. Using GPS and navigation data, which are emitted by each aircraft with a so-called ADS-B as a radio signal, the Web App locates individual machines on a Google map. So you can for example easily observe where friends or relatives might be located on their way to a holiday destination.

flightradar24 download

retrieve information on individual flights

By clicking on individual symbols flyer gives detailed data for current flight information as aircraft type, the name of the airline, the travel route and the travel speed. An eye-catcher in the app: Who wants to be the current view can be displayed from the cockpit in the browser. In the settings you also determines if the helper also fades the current weather conditions, and the clouds rise in the map of flightradar24.

View global air traffic on a map

The web service for real-time positional representation of aircraft uses a so-called "Radar spotting"To catch the broadcast of ADS-B transponders data from about 500 ground-based receivers and transfer it to its own network. Nearly all modern commercial aircraft are equipped with such transponders and transmit this position data. They are correlated by the web service with further information about aircraft type and route and illustrated on a graphic card in a stylish cockpit view. be covered which around 90 percent of European airspace.

Flightradar24 download real-time

Flightradar24 shows the positions of aircraft in real time

The card used is based on the mapping service Google Maps. Here, the user can choose between a world view and the bird’s-eye view of individual cities can zoom in almost infinitely. The flights will be, depending on the available area in the region transponder displayed in real time or with a delay of no more than five minutes. The small delays occur mainly in the US and Canadian airspace due to FAA regulations.

Filter by destination airport, flight number or type of aircraft

Individual aircraft and airports can be flush with the search function and refine your destination airport, flight number or type of aircraft. Even with the weather and temperature display, there are interesting settings. The units can be freely selected and switch, for example, the height of feet to meters or the speed of Knots to Km / h here.

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