Repeat Snap – possible even after 24 hours?

In Snapchat Snaps could be considered only once at first. Thanks replay function allows a continually repeat snap. How to use the feature and what happens after 24 hours - read here!

Snapchat is already one of Germany's most popular messengers. No wonder - the app is simple refreshingly different. After downloading the app Snapchat users can send their photos to friends. The special feature: the so-called Snaps automatically destroy itself, after seeing the receiver. And if you now but want a see a second time? Or even a third time?

repeat snap

Repeat Snap: These are the options

Between all the privacy debates and revelations embarrassing videos and photos a messenger app like Snapchat is just right. so to speak, it captures the spirit of the time when the feature is the automatic self-destruction of messages sent. That is, you have a picture or video sent to a friend, it will destroy itself as soon as it was seen. So the basic principle of the app looked. However, there was a little broken some time ago: Snaps now persist 24 hours, and can be played a second time - here the replay function comes into play.If that's not enough, you can also save snaps permanently in order to watch again and again. Here, additional apps can help.

View Snaps again - with replay function

To enjoy the new feature, the user must first update its Messenger, if not already done. To repeat a snap, at least version 6.1.0 is required.The function is used as follows:

  • (1) If the Messenger started, the user opens the Inbox by swiping from left to right.
  • (2) Then, the user navigates through the gear in the settings of Snapchat and then Additional services to Manage option.
  • (3) In this section, the replay function by checking the box can be activated.

Snap repeat replay function

From that moment on, the user can repeat a snap, which he got. Just click on the snap after first opening again: Videos are started by long hold; Images by double tapping. Before you can then see the snap again, a confirmation window appears. There, just click on repetition and the video / image is opened.

Snap repeats: How long and how often?

If a snap watched, it now has 24 hours to use the replay function. Within this window, both photos and video snippets can be watched again. However, the repeat function is available only once. Say, all Snaps can be watched only for a second time - even within 24 hours.

repeated as often Snaps

If that's not enough, Snaps can help save and then watch them as often auxiliary apps. These storage apps such as Snapbox, Snapkeep or Snapseeker all work very similar. Saving the snaps work only when you have not watched.

Snap repeat Snapbox

  • If the app installed on your smartphone, you must first log in via Snapchat account in the app.* There you will find a list of all Snaps that are still unopened.
  • These can be downloaded and put on the smartphone. Now you can repeat the corresponding snap - and as often and as long as you want!