Of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo manual Download reveals on 104 pages everything about the new edition of the successful smart phones. The functions are described and the Galaxy S5 Neo User's Guide to the last detail clearly explained with many illustrations.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo manual Download with interesting tips and tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo manual can be printed out as a PDF manual and so is always for quick reference available. The S5 Neo advisor to assist the buyer of the smartphone with numerous tips and tricks that will appeal not only to beginners but also advanced. A clear table of contents gives a good insight into the topics and in the thoughtful and well-structured content Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo manual.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo manual DownloadThe Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo manual Download reveals on 104 pages everything to know about the popular smartphone.

Galaxy S5 Neo is delivered without the USB door and finger print sensor

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo carries the model number SM-G903. Visually, only a few changes are seen in the Neo model. The back has over the "Paving outfit" get a little fancier embossing and the smartphone will be shipped with Android from 5.1 Lollipop. Compared to the original model comes with the Exynos 7580, a processor own development to be used, which, however, does not quite reach, with its 1.6 GHz, the power of the originally installed in the Galaxy S5 Snapdragon eight hundred and first For this, the S5 Neo has other advantages over the original. Firstly, the front camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels and LTE Advanced category 6 to 300MBit / s are supported. Also convenient is that the annoying USB flap and the already not very powerful finger pressure sensor have been eliminated. Furthermore, the Galaxy S5 Neo is dust-proof and, unlike the successor S6 even largely waterproof.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo manual with information on the device construction

After Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo Manual Download the reader is dedicated Once the basic information on pages 4 to 43: the delivery, device design, battery, SIM or USIM card, memory card, turn on and off device, touch screen, home screen, lock screen open the Notifications panel, enter text, screenshot, applications, multi-window, device and data management, and emergency mode. It continues with the applications on pages 44 to 77. The subjects are as follows here: install or uninstall applications, phone, contacts, messages, Internet, email, camera, gallery, Smart Manager, S Planner, S Health, S Voice, music, video, voice recorder, My files, Memo, clock, calculator, radio and Google Apps.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo manual Download emergency modeThe Samsung Galaxy S5 PDF manual also explained the emergency mode.

Declaration of detail settings in the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo User

On pages 79-98 it is particularly interesting, since the settings are explained in detail: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, offline, mobile hotspot and tethering data usage, mobile networks, NFC and payment, sounds and notifications, display, movements and gestures, applications, wallpaper, themes, device security, privacy & Security, Simple mode, input assistance, accounts, back up and reset, Language and input, battery, memory, date and time, device information. The final appendix is ​​dedicated to advice and help with problems.

Create Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo manual download folderThe Galaxy S5 instructions show how to create folders.