There are plenty of good reasons why the disable WhatsApp Tracking should. The Messenger is increasingly becoming a favorite tool for stalkers. learn how to prepare an end!

Although you can currently weigh safe yet, because the tracking service has not yet been integrated. However, the feature is certainly played with the next update or the updated download WhatsApp for Android or iOS devices. the function is planned initially for group chats, here to be experienced in real time, where the participants happen to be talking. What at first sounds like a practical idea can privacy advocates curdling the proverbial blood. Should really know when you look at where each group is staying contact? A similar function was introduced incidentally also Facebook. Here the Messenger automatically sent to the sender of a message location. No wonder that the most popular of all Zuckerberg pupils should receive a similar feature. But fear not, the function can be permanently or temporarily disable!

disable WhatsApp TrackingIt is not yet clear how exactly can disable WhatsApp location within the Messengers. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

disable WhatsApp Tracking - or at least activate?

First the good news: The real-time location must be actively enabled. So users need not worry that their smartphone for an update wild personal location shoots spontaneously through the ether. The feature is intended for the activation can also be turned off again quickly and easily. How to disable WhatsApp locating exactly, however, can say concretely only after publication of the update. However, it can also solve within the phone settings, the whole problem.

disable tracking settings globally on the device

And this brings us to a very general problem: You can not prevent 100 percent fact that the cell phone records the location data and passes. However, the data travels initially only for mobile operators, thanks to Silent SMS sent by the provider to the mobile device and is not displayed to the user. But probably WhatsApp will not have access to this information (can) but on GPS data (Global Positioning System) and their distribution can be (thank heavens) actually stop in the settings of the device. On older devices to only the wireless network must be switched off.

To disable the tracking WhatsApp on newer models, you have to go into the settings of the device and select the option disabled here Location mode location services. iPhone users will find this option under restrictions and privacy. However, can then also apps where the indication of the beach location makes sense, no longer have access to the current position - including especially mapping and navigation applications. Ultimately, each user must decide for themselves what is important to him: the security of its data or the convenient use of its smartphones.