Quiz duel

Quiz duel

Thanks quiz duel there are millions of players in Germany and around the world for quite some time in the rate of fever. On buses and trains and now even, albeit bumpy start, on TV is using the Quiz Duel app gequizzt for Android, which the display will bear.

Download cult game as APK and losquizzen: Quiz Duel app

Like so many successful games the gameplay is a simple conceivable here. After downloading theQuiz Duel app puts you a free account and then puzzled with friends or random opponents wanted to race. Each quiz consists of six rounds of three questions in 19 categories. Alternately a complex of the two players will always be answered, are being presented for each question four possible answers. Each 20 seconds you for the response time – Quick thinking is so popular.

Quiz Duel app

Quiz duel Android with tactics elements

one is in second place with the question answer to the series, the first step does not see how the enemy has cut off. This we learn in the quiz duel app only when one has filed his answers. Especially towards the end of the rounds ensures the on the right or wrong solution faded nickname of the goal frequently for a redemptive "Got you!" – or for a frustrated "Damn ax, lost again!" In addition to power wins the quiz duel if one gambles frequently with the same players and finds time to their infirmities. Then the quiz game winner added a tactical moment when you can play to your own strengths skillfully against the weaknesses of the opponent. However, one needs to have a little luck to find before the next set of questions and the nature among the three available for selection.

Quiz game includes more than 25,000 questions

All in all, the database of the quiz duel includes app according to the manufacturer about 25,000 questions, wherein the number is steadily increasing due to user involvement. Divided the tasks into categories such as food & Drinking, miracle of technology or in the laboratory, Sports & Leisure and TV series.

Quiz duel Premium provides more fun

The list of questions of the quiz duel app therefore covers a wide range of general and specialized knowledge makes sense from. Although the Android app is free to play, the quiz game is interesting in the paid version a trace. That the seen in the screenshots Avatars can specify here is optical polishing basically exciting are the statistics, which are then available for inspection.

Quiz duel Android play with other players.

Premium Quiz duel brings statistics on Mobile

In the premium version you can learn further details to its own performance in the quiz duel roles, namely broken down both by opponents and categories. For the fun also quite important: In the quiz duel premium advertising as well as the permanently deleted but annoying waiting time between the individual quizzes. Moreover, it remains one more time to continue playing. The period until the end, and thus loss of a match is then lengthened from 24 to 48 hours. In addition is the quiz players duel premium the way open, submit their own tasks and to expand the catalog. Who calls no Android smartphone or tablet to its own, does not renounce neat quiz fun by the way. Lots of other Quiz games to download can be found namely in our software catalog.

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