Pokémon GO: Pokémon send & develop faster

Pokémon GO: Pokémon send & develop faster

Weakness Send Pokémon and strong developing faster: This strategy created from his monsters the perfect team for the challenging fights in the arenas!

After downloading the Pokémon GO app usually it does not take long to have accumulated quite a lot of normal Pokémon. Pidgey, Rattefatz or Spearow there almost on every corner. To develop it, every coach, however, requires a certain number of sweets. Unfortunately, any sort of monster preferred own candy, so you have to collect a number of way to bring this to the next level.

Send Pokémon and collect candy

In Pokémon GO can also dust the coveted candy by sending the animals to the professor. regardless of stage of development, KP or WP – you get a sweet Drops address of every Pokémon. Therefore, animals with low level of development and low WP possible should be sacrificed. So, first to open in the Pokémon GO overview of the already captured monsters and selects the desired copy. Who wants to send a Pokémon must now scroll to the bottom. Here the option is Send. Following a confirmation prompt still appears, whether the Pokémon to be really sent irrevocable. If you choose Yes here, the corresponding monster from the overview and the player disappears receives a candy.

Send PokémonSend Pokémon and cash in sweets.

Setting the right filter

Of course you should only send the weakest Pokémon. To the simplest possible identify appropriate filters can be set in the overview. The captured monsters can be prepared by Fund Date, Favorite, number within the index, sort the names or the competition points. Especially the last option is interesting here as fast can pick out the weakest or strongest Pokémon thanks to this filter. You should also make sure that you only send Pokémon, whose manner you have enough. A monster that was once trapped, can safely remain in the collection.

Pokémon send selectionSo you filter out the weakest Pokémon.

Tip: Targeted points through the use of lucky eggs

Who has so gathered together a number of sweets, should plan the development of Pokémon targeted. First, only the strongest monsters should be further developed. Thanks to the efforts of happiness eggs also the score of at least 500 EP can be doubled. So it is advisable to save his candy and then to lift the little monsters on the next evolution during use of such egg. way, is particularly efficient such an egg if you are staying near one or more Pokéstops active Lockmodul, because the points for newly caught monsters and visiting the stops then get a double points.