Moto planners

Moto planners

when free Moto planner download is it a customized route planning for bikers. With maps of many different vendors, including intermission waypoint planning, off-road mode and card printing motorcycle route planner is completely dedicated to the needs of cyclists. The comfortable import and export of GPS navigation data from and for a whole bunch of different devices to be proud of and, incidentally, the Google Earth connection allows visual flying off the planned route before the start.

Motorcycle Route planner: Moto planner download not required

As used by Google Maps or other online route planners from our download catalog, route planning takes place directly in the browser. That is, the Moto planner download is not necessary. The functions of the browser window are manageable and clearly structured: Right hand as usual the map with overlays to enter waypoints as well as an associated list. Individual stations add motorcyclists to either a mouse click or Enter address a very practical waypoint for the route planning. Each inserted waypoint automatically ends up in the list and can be customized by clicking on the pencil icon. So to place names for the individual waypoints, is planning a break and change the routing mode for individual stations.

Moto planner downloadMoto planners Download: motorcycle route planner with good features (Image: editorial)

various Routingmodi

Because for network planning there can be multiple Routingmodi. Standard account roads, alternatively one plans by switching to the straight-line off-road routes of travel by motorcycle. The off-road mode can be left hand in the options bar, incidentally, also activate for the entire tour. If desired, you close highways or toll roads from the motorcycle navigation by setting the corresponding check mark. After inserting a new waypoint are here also direct route, travel and summed break times. In the top row on the navigation map a number of different card companies, however, are a click disposal.

Each with its own advantages, enabling about the rapid scheduling of mountaineering. Available providers are Google Maps, OSM, Lyrk, MapQuest, TF Landscape, Relief, statkart (Norway). In addition, the Google Earth view is available, which is, however, integrated via the associated plug-in and requires the previous download. The route planning is here not quite as well possible for the Earth allows plugin virtual flying off the planned route – nice touch! However, you should store the bike route planning before switching to the air show at first. For the test, the Earth involvement was not entirely error-free, a return switch to the normal maps was not possible.

Print Moto planner download mapsPrint cards with the Moto planner (Image: editorial)

GPS Tour schedule, store and print route maps

Fortunately, however, the route planner for motocycles’s store in data and load fully prepared. First, there is the ability to save in the proprietary Moto planners format MPJS. This also stores the details of the waypoints as names and planned break and lends itself well to save the planned route motorcycle on your PC and transfer to other processors at best. A quick transfer of the planned stations without details on waypoints way, is also possible otherwise. To do this click in the sidebar left hand on tour Actions -> Pass on. Then the URL in the browser address bar is rewritten and can be easily passed by copy / paste, without the need to separately transfer a file. In addition, Moto planner attaches great importance to import and export of GPS navigation data and appropriate support many formats providers and mobile navigation apps. GPS import and export also take place via the sidebar. The GPS support in detail:

  • Import GPS data formats: MPJS (Moto planner), GPX (Route POI), ITN (only route), CSV (Track)
  • Export GPS data of the following formats: GPX, ITN (standard, only targets), CSV (waypoints, road book), BCR (MTP 06/07 or 08/09), Fresh route (MN7), KML (3, 4.2), LMX (OVI Nokia), Route ( from V2011), GPX, (A-Rival from V2011), RTE 4/5/6, tour / Falk), TXT (Google Maps old / new), XML (GoMap 3/5, Mapfactor)
  • Export GPS data for the following smartphone apps: GPX (OsmAnd), TRP (CoPilot 7/8/9), TXT (Navigon US / EU, TomTom), XML, (Mapfactor)
  • Export GPS data for the following devices: A-rival, Blue point Moto Pilot, Becker Z100, NavGear Tourmate MX-35, X-Raction Navigator, Transonic 4000 TMC, TripY, OVI Maps
  • Export GPS data for the following manufacturers: A-rival, Blaupunkt, Becker, Falk, Garmin, Google Maps, igo8, Medion, NavGear, Navigon, Nokia, TomTom

The route planner is rounded off by a really chic print function. Which enables the Print Preview zooming of individual map sections and is so times really helpful when printing road maps for the tank bag.

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