GTA 2 2023


With GTA 2 deals in the future. To be more precise, it is in 2013, which was the time of the appearance of the game in 1999, still far away. For this reason, the scene is modeled after any real city, but fictitious.

With GTA 2 Download back to the future

As is the case with most games, takes the Download GTA 2 a little. Is the game but once downloaded, the gamer can immediately begin to fulfill the various orders or deliver a wild chase with police. These basic elements were already found in Grand Theft Auto 1 and are also still in the GTA 5 download.

The build-up play from GTA 2

As with its predecessor and all successors, the Grand theft Auto combines game series racing game elements with first-person shooter elements, which provide plenty of variety, excitement and fun. In GTA 2 the protagonist Claude Speed ​​must complete different missions for different road gangs, which can be naturally lowered his reputation among rival gangs and thereby making enemies. Towards and against the police who want to catch him, it is necessary to fight and to hide from them.

GTA 2 Download

On a nostalgic trip in terms of graphics and control

Even if the game elements are still the same as those of the past, one can not say the same for the graphic luckily: it is simple, in 2D only and the whole game is to be regarded solely from the air.

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GTA 2 Download Explosion

The movements are clumsy and imprecise, but this control is relatively easy to handle. This allows both Grand Theft Auto-professionals as well as beginners to play this game well and quickly. In the following video, the player can get an idea of ​​the former graphics and game play. Which compares different strategy games of the past and offer everything for free download today is comparable here.

There are other topics to classic games GTA 2:

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