The Kaufland Offers app proves to be thoughtful purchasing managers for Kaufland customers. Double purchases can be avoided by dividing the list with family or friends and worked together. The current Kaufland brochure is also included.

Kaufland Offers app as clever purchasing managers

The Kaufland app carries the official title "Kaufland - offers and more", The clever shopping manager for Android and iOS devices Kaufland customers retain all offers always in view and create a personal shopping list. Useful is the ability to get information to the nearest Kaufland branch, including the address and the Kaufland opening times.

Kaufland Offers appKaufland Offers app with practical shopping list and extensive recipe database

share list with family

The Kaufland offers are clearly divided into product groups. The individual products are shipped with a tap directly into the shopping list. More articles can be supplemented by input or scan the appropriate bar code. The shopping lists can be comfortable with the family or friends to share. In this way, Kaufland customers can plan joint purchases, avoid duplication of purchases or purchases do well in parallel. In order to share the purchases, but a Kaufland account is required.

Filialfinder with Kaufland opening times and information on Gastronomy

Anyone looking for the latest offers from the nearest Kaufland store, will find in the Kaufland app. To find the nearest branch, the user activates the site selection and can navigate from the Kaufland app there. Information on opening times, service counters, gas stations or restaurants on site are also on board in the Kaufland offers app. Who is in an area with several branches, can select and store locator according to various criteria for example, filter by service counters such as meat, cheese, fish or poultry or search for additional offers.

put items in the Kaufland shopping list app

By clicking on the large plus sign on the right edge of the user takes an item on the shopping list. To increase the amount is tapped several times. Click on the picture or the item of Kaufland customers can go to a details page that provides additional information. Bargain hunters can look at the Kaufland app already offers next week.

Kaufland advertising and direct access to the Kaufland Brochure

The shopping app provides customers with Kaufland advertising and offers. Direct access to the Kaufland brochure from the app and scroll through the Kaufland customer magazine are possible. However, there is unfortunately no way to load the Kaufland brochure as a PDF. As a little extra the Kaufland app provides access to a large recipe database. With the filter function, the user can search for specific recipes. Clever: The ingredients of each recipe are set to request the same fingertip comfortably on their shopping list. More apps and tools on the subject of shopping, eating & Drink contains our software catalog for free download.