ALDI TALK Starter Set: All information at a glance

ALDI TALK provides various tariffs available. The access is possible with the ALDI TALK Starter Set. What it includes and what else you should know it - read here!

The mobile phone tariffs of the discount in this country are in great demand. This is due to the flexible use, as was decided not to contract obligations. In addition, the user can downloading the ALDI TALK app super easy control his fare and adjust if necessary.

ALDI TALK Starter Set

ALDI TALK Starter Set - what is it exactly?

Actually, the name describes already quite clear what the user expects the Starter Set - it is the entry in the mobile discounters. Anyone wanting to use one of the rates of ALDI TALK, first requires the starter. This can either buy in an ALDI branch or order online on this page. These things are included in the starter set of ALDI TALK:

  • SIM Card: This is ready to use and will be sent free shipping
  • 10 Euro credit
  • In number-entrainment of the user receives 25 euros

ALDI TALK Starter Set basic tariff

The cost of the ALDI TALK Starter Set time fee 12,99 Euro (as of November 2015). The user is completely independent with this offer. Say, there is no contract period and therefore no monthly fee, and does not hide something like minimum turnover is at ALDI TALK. The user automatically receives the basic rate with the package.

Terms of the basic tariff

With the base rate, the user can make calls, send SMS and MMS and surf the net. These are the costs of the appropriate actions:

ALDI TALK Starter Kit costs

For Internet users pay 0.24 euro per MB. The billing of consumed data is performed in 10 KB increments, each started 10 KB-step is calculated exactly 0.00234375 €.

use all tariffs with starter pack

If you have ordered the ALDI TALK Starter Set or bought, but can also use a tariff. Is the basic tariff ie for personal needs not suitable, you can easily switch and to book one of the packages from ALDI TALK. All rates are monthly termination. Currently, the discount store offers the following three packages:

  • (1) Package 300: Here are 300 minutes or SMS to all German networks included. telephoned to ALDI TALK users and sent one SMS for free. In addition to high-speed Internet will receive up to 400 MB. The package costs EUR 7.99 per month.

  • (2) Music Package M: The user can use ALDI life music as Flat. In addition, there are 50 free minutes or SMS in German networks Flat to ALDI TALK customers as well as 200 MB. The music package is to have a month for 9.99 euros.

  • (3) Internetflatrate S: The third package is a small Internet Flat, where the user gets 150 MB for EUR 3.99 per month.