The congstar app named meincongstar and is available for both Android and iOS devices. With the new App of the mobile operator, the user can fairly straightforward query be congstar balances and check. The current consumption of telephone minutes, SMS and Internet volume can also access by pressing a button.

congstar app for quick top-up

also recharge the prepaid congstar makes meincongstar useful services. About the congstar app users all current consumption information and new congstar deals in inspection takes. Here he can book the desired congstar tariffs and additional tariff options, such as an Internet or SMS flat rate. The congstar app appeals to both contract customers and prepaid customers. The latter can be charged quickly and easily congstar prepaid.

congstar appThe congstar app named meincongstar and offers useful functions for congstar, airtime and query.

Prepaid customers have to do without a query of text messages and phone minutes

After congstar access to personal customer all the details on their own mobile phone contracts and the individual contract data and PIN / PUK are evident. The congstar customer data can be on request at any time. However, the functionality for contract and prepaid customers fall out differently in meincongstar. Some features are not yet available prepaid customers unfortunately. According to mobile operator queries the missing text messages and call minutes to be filed later with an update soon, however. Prepaid customers with the meincongstar app currently only an indication of the current consumption, while contract customers can track the complete consumption of data, SMS and telephony.

congstar app prepaidcongstar prepaid customers will be supplied the missing query of SMS and telephone minutes per update.

congstar notice directly from the app

The meincongstar app provides quick access to all congstar prepaid and runtime products and a clear overview of consumption. All congstar options can be conveniently booked via the app, change and even the congstar notice is available on request directly from the app. Useful is the invoice overview of the last 12 months, including a view in PDF format. The itemized bills are available as PDF documents. The congstar prepaid credit top is via direct debit optional fee of 15 €, 30 € and 50 €.

Mix desired rate of minutes, SMS and Internet traffic

A new feature in the current version is called "congstar as I want", With this feature, the desired rate of minutes, SMS and Internet traffic can mix in megabytes as you wish. In addition, now a much faster display of postpaid SMS and minute consumption takes place. Many other programs and apps for telecommunications contains our well-stocked download catalog.