AVM Zack Broadband Speed ​​Test

AVM Zack broadband speed test checks the speed of Internet connections. The offered by the network specialist AVM free Web service checks the speed of the power cord with uploads and downloads on the AVM server. The AVM Zack broadband speed test you start by clicking on the button "begin" the bandwidth test. First, the freeware detects the ping time to the AVM server before it goes to the actual speed tests. Means test compound you send data packets between private and remote machine back and forth. Based on the determined data rates per second, then the performance of the broadband connection can be estimated. With free AVM Zack broadband speed test to test their own Internet connection similar to using Speedtest.net paces. Practical: The helper provides not only information on the speed of the Internet connection via DSL, cable or radio other useful information. Among other things, the tool makes visible for example its own IP address.