The new WhatsApp Status: Images à la Snapchat? 2023

The new WhatsApp Status: Images à la Snapchat?

In the beta version, it was already announced, now he comes on all devices: The new WhatsApp Status. And solves the old text-based status function completely. Many wonder: Will WhatsApp now the new Snapchat?

The new WhatsApp Status: What can the function?

WhatsApp has rolled out a major update that changes the appearance of the Messengers fundamentally and practically bring him back “to its roots,” as it is called by the development team. The new version of WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iPhone, as well as an older, you will find with us.

new WhatsApp StatusThe new WhatsApp Status feature is there. We have had a look on it. (Image: Screenshot Snapchat / Editorial)

Who WhatsApp now opens quickly recognize: The old status function has completely outlived its usefulness. Upstairs there is now a bar with a camera, chats, status and calls, through which you can hindurchnavigieren as a user. The contact list can be only through the chat itself and about the calls via the button “New Chat” and open “New Call” – and here they will be missing: the old status texts.

Instead, it is only possible now to create a photo or video status and embellish it with filters, emoji and writing and an additional text. A plain text status is no longer possible.

And that’s not all: The once set status is played for only a few seconds to one – and deleted after 24 hours without the user having to do anything. Days, weeks or months the same status? That’s not possible anymore. Anyone not touched his status and uploads simply no where it will not display.

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For this, all contacts see the status, then respond. And who has set the read receipts, and see who has viewed his status.

The privacy settings WhatsApp has adjusted accordingly. Each user can set whether all contacts or to view the status of only selected. Likewise, individual contacts can also be excluded.

new WhatsApp status PrivacyAnyone can adjust who can see its status and who does not. (Picture: Screenshots Snapchat)

Just a Snapchat clone?

That one now increasingly takes a look at the status, cynics might see as a feint to Snapchat, the feature reminds one very much of the “competitors” Sugar Mountain. And since WhatsApp is now part of Facebook, the thought is there quickly.

but by WhatsApp team comes a very different explanation. And that has to do with the roots of today’s Messengers. Exactly the app was in fact not always. Originally WhatsApp is designed to help so that users can specify a status, so see contacts directly if someone is busy or available before they call. Only later, in 2009, the Messenger feature has been introduced that WhatsApp has now made a successful news service.

If you have not yet discovered the new version on your smartphone, just still waiting. It has indeed begun to roll out the update. Nevertheless, it may take to 24 February until the new WhatsApp status has arrived on your devices.

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