The 100 Stream: Where there all seasons?

Of the The 100 Stream is quite popular with friends of intelligent science fiction television series and is already considered the new "Lost", We tell whether The 100 will be available at Netflix with the Netflix app, whether the hit series on Amazon Prime, max cathedrals & Co. is available and when the next season expected to appear. learn more now!

The 100 Stream: science fiction series as a global success

The 100 of the stream has been produced since 2013 by Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Television for the US television channel The CW. The focus of the TV series is a group of juvenile offenders who are sent to the abandoned after a nuclear war Earth to check whether the home planet is suitable again for a settlement 79 years after the nuclear disaster. The main roles Eliza Taylor, Thomas McDonell, Marie Avgeropoulos, Henry Ian Cusick, Isaiah Washington, Paige Turco and Bob Morley play.

The 100 StreamThe 100 Stream: 100 young people will be sent as a guinea pig for contaminated soil.

100 juvenile offenders are banished to Earth

400 inhabitants survived on the International Space Station "The Ark", Three generations later, their number has grown to 4,000 and it threatens a shortage of resources, which eventually leads to 100 juvenile offenders are banished to Earth. Using wristbands they should send vital signs to the Ark, if you can survive on the earth again. To their great surprise, however, the 100 are not the only people. You will meet other survivors, called grounder.

Between the two groups there is soon to armed conflicts in which 100 eventually emerge victorious. However, there is the Mountainmen another, the 100 young people technically much superior group. The Mountainmen create the end of the first season The 100 part of young people to Mount Weather in an underground bunker system, houses the other survivors of the nuclear war.

The 100 Season 1 to 3 on German television

In the US The 100 was first broadcast in March 2014, of course, by the client The CW. In Germany, the first season was seen with 13 episodes in Pro7 from July, 2015. As of October 2015, The 100 launched Season 2 with a total of 16 episodes. Currently, the first season running as a repetition in the German free TV on Sixx. We went there as of 05/20/2016 with The 100 Season 2nd

In The 100 Season 3 Clarke and her friends beginning July 27 on ProSieben in 13 new episodes will continue to fight for survival. A The 100 Season 4 has also been commissioned,

The 100 Stream of seasons 1 to 3 with max cathedrals

If you missed The 100 in free TV can still get 100 stream with max cathedrals to The. There, the first three seasons for retrieval, some of them within the film flat rate. Many Serienjunkies will regret that there is not to see The 100 on Netflix and Amazon Prime, however.

The The 100 stream over max cathedrals thus remains the only legal way to retrieve the popular TV series within a film flat rate. Besides the option to watch The 100 with max cathedrals in the stream, remain Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies and Amazon Video to The buying 100 squadrons download. Here I find the The 100 Season 1 through 3 for each about 25 to 30 euros.