ALDI TALK Roaming: The cost international calls 2023

ALDI TALK Roaming: The cost international calls

ALDI TALK roaming: These fees have to expect abroad! There is an overview and information on how to really save money with the right add-on option.

And the best: The cheap packages can be booked directly through the smartphone after downloading the ALDI TALK app or service number 1155th Incidentally, you pay roaming charges even if you answer an incoming call outside the EU. Per minute or part the talk costs the called party 99 cents.

ALDI TALK roamingALDI TALK Roaming: The cost calls abroad. (Picture:. ALDI TALK)

ALDI TALK roaming within the EU

  • Account Hotline (1155): free
  • Calls to ALDI TALK: 3 cents per minute or part thereof
  • Calls to Germany, the EU and the Service Hotline: 11 cents (if booked included minutes 5 cents) per minute or part thereof
  • Calls to the rest of the world: 99 cents per minute or part thereof
  • SMS to Germany and the EU: seven cents (if booked inclusive SMS 2 cents)
  • SMS in the rest of the world: 19 cents
  • MMS flat rate 39 cents

Roaming charges outside the EU

  • Account Hotline: (1155): free
  • All other calls: 99 cents per minute or part thereof
  • SMS flat rate 19 cents
  • MMS flat rate 39 cents

Costs for data connections abroad (per 1 MB)

  • Data connection in the EU: 23 cents (if booked inclusive data volume 5 cents) per 1MB
  • Data connection in the rest of the world: 99 cents per 1MB
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With this add-on options to save roaming charges

Who the ALDI TALK roaming charges will give, can – at least within the European Union – access to one of these packages:

  • EU language package 150Seven days valid and 150 minutes call credit in another EU country for 4.99 euros.
  • EU Internet Package 500Seven days 500 MB in other EU countries and Switzerland versurfen 4.99 euros.

Both packages can be booked at the normal rate through the app or number 1,155 simple, without that they be extended automatically.

Cost airbag for data roaming and the abolition of roaming charges in 2017

However, anyone who enters into any package must not fear (at least while surfing with the phone) before the ALDI TALK roaming. Because since 2012, there is a worldwide valid cost airbag. That is, the charges for data roaming should be a maximum of 50 euros per month. According to the EU Roaming Regulation, the fees should be eliminated from June 2017, incidentally, completely – not only for data connections, but also for calls and text messages to and from the EU. This makes it possible, from the summer of 2017 its domestic tariff in
to use other EU countries.

EU countries at a glance

If you are not sure which countries belong to the EU, is here once again all member countries in alphabetical order: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Greece, United Kingdom (including the Channel Islands.), Guadeloupe (Caribbean. ), Ireland, Iceland, Italy (incl. Vatican city and San Marino), Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique (Caribbean), Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal (incl. Azores and Madeira) Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (incl. Canary Islands), Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus

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