warehouse management

End the chaos in stocks! With the Warehouse management download get small businesses, online stores or private eBay sellers a useful tool to keep track of their own inventories. There is a demo version of the program. However, this contains all the important functions for the orderly management of stockpiles of importance.

warehouse managementWarehouse management Download: Overview of own stocks (Picture: CAD-KAS)

Faster inventory management download brings intuitive tool

Is the free download of the management program completed, the entrepreneur can get started already. When you first start, the user shows a simply held surface. Thanks to the clear structure, no complicated training period is necessary. All important functions are found on the program interface immediately, so that the user comes to your destination quickly without the hassle of searching and hours of clicking around. In the main window of the tool is located in the middle of a spreadsheet in which all data can be entered exemplary.

Above the table is a menu bar with basic options, such as file settings or search. Below the worksheet important functions such as new product, items are edit or print just a click away. As the supply of inventory management programs already requires special content requirements, it should be easy to use - a request which certainly meets the storage management of CAD-KAS.

Warehouse management download InventoryEnd the chaos in the inventories! (Picture: CAD-KAS)

Optimal warehouse management thanks to many features

The warehouse management download comes with everything you need to manage inventories. So can be easy all the data required in the program store. The user can enter the bar code next to the name and product image and the item number or on demand. The program also allows comments and input from suppliers information. Of course it is also important to specify the amount of the stored items, which can also be entered. The statement is clear and the stocks can be with just one click Sort.

The management of waste and additions can be made in the program by barcode scanner. If necessary, also by entering the item number or a mouse click. In addition, memories can be set up, for example, for further order. To always lose a perfect overview of the operations and movements of goods, the program creates a log of all bookings.

Private labels make thanks Barcode Creator

Another plus is the integrated Barcode Creator. This allows the user to make even labels for warehouse management. Simply create bar code, print it, stick it on the goods - that's it. If the item sells, the barcode can be booked easily. In addition, the download of warehouse management entails an integrated ordering system. This also makes it possible to order items by e-mail. In addition, cash registers are supported.

New in the current version of the warehouse management download:

  • Invoice Printer: Company address not Show (own stationery)
  • Barcode printing: Packing instructions can be printed with the bar code labels
  • Text wrapping or text cut for barcode labels possible
  • Article rebook between this camp and warehouse XX
  • Book article on another space
  • Print invoice: Search function for items
  • Invoice printer: Text blocks
  • Articles from the warehouse management are taken with all columns
  • Inventory only a parking space
  • File / Print with holdings of a parking space
  • exchange columns / column by copying settings /
  • Invoice printer: CSV Export
  • Hide camp
  • Fill suppliers / column of supplier-customer number
  • enter when debiting / zubuchen expiration date
  • Show lots and shelf life

Limitations of warehouse management

Can not be saved.