With the Birdsong app can find out which feathered friend just tweeting his song in the garden easily. Native bird species is more diverse than most people realize. About 260 species of breeding birds there are in Germany. There are also migratory birds and winter visitors. The app supports birders not only in determining the right kind, but it also offers a large collection of bird sounds in outstanding quality.

With the bird sounds app to discover local animals and determine

Who wants to know which bird is singing what song, can listen to the birdsong app numerous examples of the best-known species of birds. Here are not only local representative of the air present in the app, but the most beautiful samples of whole birds. The audio samples, the animals can be followed easily determined.

Birdsong appThe numerous sound examples of bird sounds app help determine the type.

With knowledge from the risks of Native Bird Species

In 2005, a new official list of native birds in Germany appeared. white Of the more than 250 species now even threatens nearly half strong population declines from or extinction. To this threat avert knowledge is necessary. Knowledge of the behavior of the animals, their habitat, their favorite food or their breeding behavior. Thanks to the free app, users can expand their knowledge and safely determine bird species. Among the most important are songbirds in Germany:Blackbird, Bachstelze, Buntspecht, Dohle, Jay, Elster, Feldsperling, Gartenrotschwanz, Gimpel or bullfinch, serin, Goldammer, green Fink, house Sperling, Kleiber, Tit, swifts, Mehlschwalbe, Rabenkrähe, Swallow, wood pigeon, Robin, Rook, Schwanzmeise, Thrush, Star, Goldfinch or Goldfinch and the rare wren.

The Clips as soundscape

Who can already easily determine as an ornithologist common birds that sound examples of birdsong uses app as an atmospheric background noise. The high quality of the recordings and various tracks of individual birds are perfect to get the singing and chirping in your living room. For those who can call their own no property in an idyllic location, a nice alternative. Since the birds singing in general, a positive influence is to certify on mood, it affects many people relaxing and stress reducing. Also, who can not stop at will in nature, is a small consolation to the many recordings of the most famous songbirds.