Full Version: 2D DesignCAD

The full version 2D DesignCAD upgraded the computer from a virtual drawing board for various construction tasks. More than 350 drawing functions and a number of useful macros set the user's freeware creativity hardly any significant limitations. Although 2D DesignCAD presents adapted to German industry standards, but it can also be drawings in inches, feet and miles invest. Dimensioning in scale 1: 1, various pre-defined and standardized lines and text commands and default font sizes facilitate the work with the construction tool. For frequently used operations is available on-macro recorder in 2D DesignCAD. Finished drawings to export the WMF file format. the import module that processes such as the AutoCAD standard DXF and DWG as well plotter files in HPGL format proves to be more flexible.

Limitations of the full version: 2D DesignCAD

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