Marco phono

Of the Marco Phono Download is the classic phone pranks. the user can call real phone numbers and listen to the receiving party directly through the browser via the Web service - and often exasperating.

Marco Phono Download with prefabricated joke announcements

The design of the Marco Phone prank calls is easy. The user plays pre-set modules. The desired sets are simply clicked with the mouse. Most popular with more than five million calls the scenarios pizza are coming later, Garbage Snoop and The annoying Ebay buyers.

In addition, the following tricks in the phone fun portal provides: Ebola, graffiti on your house, Pizza Taxi is before the house, you newspaper thief Transport damage, Drunk on the handset, the travel agency, The Facebook Snoop, The phone hacking, the super bold call center, the Nigeria- Connection, The evil Abmahner calls, Dieter studied talents, The rock Festival, Homer says hello, Beckenbauer, Ali's cell phone store, The Forum coward, God is with you, your car has plates, you're on the radio, Hello? I do not understand, the construction of the mosque, in your street will be built, kebab comes later, your house is photographed, young politicians, the party was too loud, Bad luck, addiction Dr Radel Berger, Patrick alone at home, Minister, please, the braces Yes, who is this here?

Marco Phono Download

Funny Phone scenarios with different themes

More than 50 million calls have already been made with the Marco Phone download. From the PC to Choose the telephone numbers is connected to the target person and plays the sentences on the phone before. To hear only the clicked sets the caller, not himself. The service allows calls to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The telephone scenarios have different themes and are all fooled the called party to have fun.

The own phone number is not displayed.

The free version is financed exclusively by the on-screen advertising. Marco Phono is also available in paid premium versions. Calls to service and emergency numbers are of course not possible. If a phone number was called again, it is blocked for further calls for three weeks. The own phone number is not displayed to the receiving party in the use of the service. Those looking for more programs in the field of telecommunications, will find in our extensive software catalog.