AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate

AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate provides digital photos together to impressive multimedia presentations. This provides the user with written comments and transitions in 3D so bored with their home slide-show does not even come up.

SlideShow Ultimate download for slideshows with transition effects

but AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate is not limited to conventional effects, as we know from other programs of this genre. The shareware brings a selection of animations on the computer, which give the additional slide whistle. So you can, for example, float or raining confetti of autumn leaves on the monitor.

AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate also includes a wizard present which helps vacationers their itineraries in illustrated and animated form those back home. A timeline ensures that the individual elements in the frame accurately switched on and disappears. The same applies to sound recordings, with the shareware of the popular file formats MP3 about Ogg Vorbis to WAV served. For finished work AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate offers a range of output options. With the help of an assistant is immortalized his slideshow on DVD, CD or Blu-ray, they will upload to YouTube or export them as web gallery. Also for mobile players such as iPod, PSP or video-capable S, the multimedia shows can be optimized and output. An array of stylish transition effects represent the change from one image to the next selection. AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate is rounded off by an integrated image processing. This tool corrects settings for brightness, contrast or gamma to rotate images as well as a mouse click in the desired orientation. By the way: With AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube a version is available for download that optimizes their results outputs for the same video platform. Aqua Soft however, presents specializes in portable players such as PSP, iPod and Co.

Limitations of AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate

30 day trial