Google Play stopped services - and now?

Google Play stopped services – and now?

Who the message on his Android device ever or even several times Google Play stopped services has seen aufploppen knows the frustration. What you can then do, we tell you here!

What to do if the Google Play services have been stopped?

The message in itself, by the way, also depending on the smartphone as “Google Play services has been terminated” thaws in slightly different wording, is already annoying.
is particularly disturbing, however, that as soon as this message appears, possibly as some apps can not use – namely, related to the Google Play Services app or the Google app.

but there are a few ways to fix the error. Perhaps already it helps to clear the cache. Otherwise, you can also reset or deal you more closely with your version of Android their apps. In an absolute emergency then perhaps only the club helps: smartphone to factory settings. You can find the individual paths here:

Google Play stopped servicesIf the Google Play services have been stopped, the multiple causes, but according to several possible solutions can have. (Image: Google / Editorial)

First try: Clear the cache

It might help once to start the phone again when the Google Play services have been stopped. If the problem persists yet, but you can also simply times the cache of the Google Play services app to delete. It works like this:

  1. Calls on the settings of your phone.
  2. Seek out the entry apps.
  3. Scroll further to the app Google Play services and typed it.
  4. Operates the Clear Cache button within the entry memory.
  5. If this does not, clears your memory about easily manage all the data.

Google Play service stopped CacheThe first step – if the restart does not help – should be to clear the cache in the app’s settings. (Picture: screenshots Editor)

Second attempt: Apps reset

It helps not to delete the cache of the Google app, should you find out in which apps the error occurs exactly. These can you then simply reset. But beware: After that you have to reconfigure them.

  1. Reopens the app overview of the settings and selects the appropriate apps.
  2. Opens there put the menu (three dots in the upper right corner) and select Settings app or uninstall updates.

There are uninstalled updates the corresponding apps. The problem should now be resolved, but forget the New not practice.

Reset Google Play services stopped AppAlso, it can help restore appropriate apps. (Picture: screenshots Editor)

Third test: check Android

Are you sure that you have installed the correct, latest version of Android? If not, looks in the settings, click Options, or over the phone (at the bottom), then click Device Information. There you will find above the entry software updates that can update your circumstances. For some devices, your reach when you tap over the phone directly to the phone’s status and can there select the entry system updates.

But while you should find in the WLAN you best because a lot of data can be downloaded. In addition, your battery should be fully or at least half of full charge.

You can also update via PC by connecting your your smartphone to the PC and opens the appropriate management software for your device.

Google Play services Android updateYou may be sharing even an old Android version and have to install an update? (Picture: screenshots Editor)

Fourth test: Smartphone Reset

If all else fails, you can also reset your smartphone completely. But watch out, doing all your apps and settings will be deleted. Your important data such as photos and documents, or music should your backup via Backup before. The very latest then the message should "Google Play stopped services" finally belong to the past. But first, you should definitely try the other way.